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There are so many good Greek restaurants in Montreal and Laval, and lately we’ve bene trying them all!  We started our meal with the house wine, served in tumblers (an old-school touch that we love), and we enjoyed the bread with olive oil.

“Fried Calamari” 16.95$

“Fried Calamari” 16.95$

We started with a few appetizers including the fried calamari.  And even though it’s an appetizer, a mountain of calamari arrived at our table. A more than generous portion! The calamari rings included the tentacles, which we love.  The batter was perfectly crispy but not overcooked or oil, and the calamari was still tender.  It was perfect with a squeeze of lemon.

“Village Salad” 14.95$

“Village Salad” 14.95$

This salad could literally feed a village it’s that big!  The tomatoes were fresh and slightly sweet, perfectly in season.  It was mixed with thinly sliced red onions, Kalamata olives, cucumbers and it was topped with salty crumbled feta cheese.  They also added a few pickled hot peppers, a traditional touch to a Greek salad!

"Grilled Octopus" 18.95$

“Grilled Octopus” 18.95$

If you’re going to eat at Tripolis, the grilled octopus is a must-have dish!  It is easily one of the best grilled octopus dishes we’ve ever had.  Grilled for that smoky flavour, the octopus was very tender.  Dressed simply with red onions, olives and capers for that briny taste, every bite was perfection.

There’s only one way to end a meal at Tripolis and that’s with the lamb chops, ordered by the kilo.  And if you think it’s excessive, just wait till you taste them and you’ll understand why ordering 1 kg right off the bat is necessary.

“Lamb chops by the kilo” ½ kg 26.95$ 1kg 52.95$

“Lamb chops by the kilo” ½ kg 26.95$ 1kg 52.95$

The lamb chops were grilled to perfection with a hint of pink flesh, the meat is abundantly flavourful and tender and all you need is a squeeze of a lemon.  Tripolis is the perfect spot for a family dinner, whether you’re celebrating someone’s birthday or just want a satisfying meal.  From the appetizers to the mains, everything is delicious and we’re sure you’ll be just as pleased as we were, it’s a very traditional Greek experience!


Our Rating: Splendid
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