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Coffee shops have always been popular in Montreal, but recently, there has been an influx of trendy independent cafés that do more than simply satisfy your morning caffeine fix. Coffee shops are places to meet, work and lounge, all while sipping coffee, eating a light lunch or indulging in a flaky pastry. They always offer free wifi and they are usually hospitable and comfortable. Most independent cafés in Montreal are located in Little Italy and the Plateau but Tommy Café is in the heart of Old Montreal.

Tommy Café, Old Montreal Restaurant - OutsideLocated at the corner of Notre-Dame Ouest and Saint François Xavier, Tommy Café is quickly gaining in popularity. It’s a gorgeous little spot that has become Instagram famous because it’s so picturesque, perfect for snapping the perfect shot. We had been there before, a casual brunch date with the girls had lead us to Tommy Café for a coffee and an adventure around Old Montreal – we so rarely see this part of town during daylight hours.

Tommy Café, Old Montreal RestaurantAnd while they are a café, they also have an apéro 5 à 7, and their newly introduced brunch. We were invited to a media brunch lunch, and somehow Diva #2 dragged herself out of bed, before noon on a Sunday. But unfortunately, Diva #1 snored away until mid-afternoon, which is exactly the way she likes to spend her weekend, in bed until the evening. The crowd at Tommy Café was bustling and already hyped up on caffeine when Diva #2 arrived. Customers were on the main flour, others at the mezzanine, and a few lingered outside.

Tommy Café, Old Montreal Restaurant - CounterPastries go rather well with coffee, so Diva #2 opted for a cannoli and chocolatine, a touch of Italian with a bit of French. The cannoli shell was crunchy and filled with cream. It was not stuffed with the traditional ricotta filling, thus it was not Diva #2’s favourite, she prefers a more traditional Italian cannoli. But the French chocolatine definitely hit the spot! Flaky and buttery with rich, dark chocolate in every bite, it was the perfect little bite to enjoy with a Tommy Café coffee. Definitely worth returning for!

Chocolatine & Cannoli

Chocolatine & Cannoli

As part of their brunch menu, Tommy Café now offers sandwiches that are served with either fresh fruit or yogurt. The sandwiches are definitely filling! A triple decker egg sandwich with black forest ham, cheese, tomato and lettuce left Diva #2 very full. Grilled to keep everything just warmed through, the sandwich is generously filled, and the crusty bread manages to hold it all together. It’s a sandwich that will definitely give you enough energy to get through the day!

Egg Sandwich

Egg Sandwich

If you’re in Old Montreal and looking for a jolt of caffeine, check out the new Tommy Café. They will satisfy that coffee craving, and tickle that sweet tooth, and now with the option of brunch or a 5 à 7, they really do everything!

Tommy Café, Old Montreal Restaurant - CoffeeAnd of course, Tommy Café is gorgeous, with their multiple levels of seating, and windows that open to busy streets in Old Montreal. It’s perfect for people watching and Instagram photos!

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Comments: 3

  1. Joe November 6, 2015 at 10:30 am Reply

    Their coffee is pretty standard for the price, when I asked them about their beans they told me they use Union. Ughh!!!

    So many good roasters available these days (Ritual, 49th, St Henri, etc…)and they are using Union? Cmon.

    Nice building, that’s about it.

  2. sumtimw0ng November 6, 2015 at 12:18 pm Reply

    i agree with Joe. price/quality, there is so much better. i’m no fan of Olive but Olive is better and homemade and its in the Old, not that far from Tommy. i know, trendy cafés but seriously, there’s more than just pretty

  3. Dahlia December 30, 2015 at 12:14 pm Reply

    Such a pretty café! And they offer coconut milk for a change from the usual almond/soy for vegans & lactose intolerant people 😀

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