The Keg – Place Ville Marie

The Keg is a classic, with multiple locations across Canada, we were at The Keg in Place Ville Marie, right in the center of the hustle and bustle of downtown Montreal. It has a large terrace, and its fabulous terrace is partially covered so that you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about rain. Which suits us just fine because Montreal weather is unpredictable at best. The Divas have a special relationship with this particular Keg, we were kicked out once but that’s a sloppy story for another time. On a lighter note, that adventure solidified our friendship with the boys from Day Jobs and the Nightlife, something we’re sure they have come to regret 😉

Feeling fabulous, we were invited to The Keg’s 5 à 7 to celebrate summer, unfortunately, it was the rainiest day of the year but we made the best of it, returning to the bar time and time again for their delicious Bloody Caesars. If you follow the Divas, you know that we have an affinity for Bloody Caesars, and the Keg knew how to spoil us, with a spicy green bean poking out of each Bloody Caesar.

The steak canapés were cooked perfectly rare and in a garlic aioli that had us salivating. These guys know their steak! And in sharp contrast to their rare steak, they served us cauliflower General Tao, trust us, you won’t even realize that you’re eating cauliflower. We couldn’t get enough of these delectable canapés! We eat too much, curse too feverishly and drink aplenty, and this 5 à 7 at The Keg was no different.

Steak in a Garlic Aioli

The winner of the night was the prime rib slider, and we ate so many mini sliders that we may as well have been given a full sandwich. The bread was tender and buttery, the prime rib was thinly sliced, succulent, pink and absolute perfection. Served with a light horseradish sauce that did not overpower the taste of the meat, we were in awe. We can never eat a prime rib sandwich anywhere else again, The Keg won our hearts!

Prime Rib Slider

Of course, the Bloody Caesars were flowing, particularly delicious with a tuna tartare that was perfectly seasoned, and juicy jumbo shrimp cocktail that we enjoyed tremendously with our Bloody Caesars. Although we can be snobs, and we aren’t fans of chain restaurants, we hold The Keg apart from the rest, with their upscale ambiance, dark interior and scrumptious steakhouse fare.

Shrimp Cocktail

The pièce de resistance was the scallop wrapped in bacon. The scallop was not overcooked, and the bacon was crispy, which is just the way we like it. We were soon hunting down the waiters in search of more of these canapés. Although we didn’t think that we could get so full from canapés, we certainly did, and we were soon boozy and bursting at the seams.

Scallop wrapped in Bacon

So if you’re feeling like a steak, look no further than The Keg in Place Ville Marie! You will be impressed with their food, classy staff and the ambiance. And a few business men weren’t too sore on the eyes either 😉
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