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Montrealers are deprived of sunshine for far too long during the dreary winter months. The beginning of terrace season means sunshine, drinking outdoors, short shorts and crop tops; we sigh in relief because summer is finally here! One of the biggest terraces in the city belongs to Terrasses Bonsecours in Old Montreal, right on the water, on a man made island.

Terrasses Bonsecours, Montreal Bar

The Divas and Peaches escaped work early after an office cocktail and zoomed off to the official summer 2015 opening of Terrasses Bonsecours.  We know we’re in for a good time whenever Tracey Brooke PR is in charge of putting together an event and as usual, they did not disappoint!

Terrasses Bonsecours, Montreal Bar - Grand Marnier Bar

We arrived early, a rarity for us, and were greeted and given a selfie stick.  Little did we know how much trouble this little contraption would give us! We dropped our phones numerous times as we tried to adjust the stick; it was oodles of fun and ridiculousness. Terrasses Bonsecours also had a flower bar where you could adorn your hair or lapel and flash tattoos for some glam.

Terrasses Bonsecours, Montreal Bar - Terrace Bar

We made our way to the back of the terrace and stopped at the Grand Marnier bar.  They were serving three different cocktails with Grand Marnier as the main ingredient.  We tried each cocktail again and again, but our favourite was the Thyme and Again.  And we had it several times!  A very refreshing drink, the grapefruit juice and thyme worked well together and the raspberries soaked up the Grand Marnier for a little something to snack on.



More friends arrived, including Sweet Pea of Montreall, Day Jobs & the NightLife and Tanya-Kay, as we continued eating and started snacking on the canapés that were being passed around, including the hummus and bruschetta.  The hummus was smooth and creamy and the bruschetta was refreshing and very simple.  No fuss, no muss.



They also passed around some salmon tartare on crostini.  The cubed salmon was fresh, bright orange and studded with black sesame seeds with an Asian-inspired dressing. When the meatballs rolled around everyone got excited!  The mini meatballs were moist and delicious and we would have loved a dipping sauce to go along with them.   We also had some chicken satay skewers with peanut sauce but who has time to take photos of everything?!

“Thyme and Again: Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, Tanqueray, Jus de Pamplemousse et Citron Frais, Thym, Framboises, Soda”

“Thyme and Again: Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, Tanqueray, Jus de Pamplemousse et Citron Frais, Thym, Framboises, Soda”

We had had our fair share of signature Grand Marnier drinks and our customary gin & tonics, it was a fabulous open bar event! We even made a long distance call to wish Diva #1’s dad a happy birthday. The Divas are generous young ladies, never mind what our disgruntled Sensei complains about!

Terrasses Bonsecours, Montreal Bar - Terrace

We could not have asked for better weather to be on a terrace.  We were feeling happy, full of good food and cocktails, and rambunctious ideas! We decided to keep the night going with pizza and wine at one of our favourites, Bevo, where Sensei surely regretfully joined us. He truly does love to complain!

Terrasses Bonsecours, Montreal Bar - Grand Marnier Cocktail Bar

Terrasses Bonsecours is a fun Montreal terrace and bar, with great drinks, fun bites and a great staff.   The terrace is open until 3 am all week and on Sundays they offer a boozy brunch from 2pm to 8pm. We adore very late brunches, perfect after a boozy Saturday night!  Summer has officially arrived in Montreal and Terrasses Bonsecours will be a hot spot for summer 2015, ready for all your bad decisions.


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  1. Dahlia May 29, 2015 at 10:47 am Reply

    Such a fun event!

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