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It’s safe to say that Prince Arthur street is not what it used to be.  There was a time when walking down Prince Arthur would take forever because the street was packed with people, spilling out of restaurants, sitting on terraces, eating, drinking and having fun.   We recently attended the media launch of Taqueria Arturo, located in the middle of Prince Arthur street and if this restaurant is any indication of things to come, you can be sure that the street will come alive again, particularly in the bustling summer months!

We were greeted with a shot of Mezcal which warmed us up for the night.  The space is great and after speaking with Chef Matthew McKean, we were told that the the comic strip that greets you at the entrance, is of the most popular comics in Mexico.

“Chips & salsa: house made tortilla chips, pico de Gallo” 3.50$

We started with guacamole and salsa.  Both come with homemade tortilla chips.  The guacamole was very creamy and balanced, with the perfect amount of cilantro and lime.  The salsa is actually pico de gallo and not the usual salsa we’re used to getting in restaurants.  It was a nice change to have something with texture, that wasn’t watery and didn’t run off the chips. We love pico de gallo salsa!

“Guacamole: house made tortilla chis, avocado, lime, cilantro” 7.50$

Mexican food is synonymous with margaritas and at Taqueria Arturo, their margaritas are nice and strong!  With just a little salt on the rim of the glass, and a large chunk of ice to keep it cold longer, the margarita was fresh, bright and delicious!  We also tried their basil limonada made with thai bail; a perfect summer drink with a little hint of spiciness from the chili bitters.  Delicious!

“Margarita Arturo: El Jimador reposado, fresh squeezed lime juice, agave syrup & Cointreau” 8.00$

We tried a few of the appetizers, including the pollo frito which may have been our least favourite.  Served with a wedge of lemon and some very spicy habanero dipping sauce, the chicken was tender, the coating was thin but there was something missing to make this dish stand out.

“Pollo Frito: crispy boneless chicken thigh, habanero ranch, lemon” 8.50$

Everyone secretly loves queso fundido, what we call “dirty cheese” dip.  How could one possibly resist gooey melted cheese mixed with ground chorizo?  Served with flour tortillas, and their spicy habanero dipping sauce, this dish didn’t last very long at our table, we devoured it in seconds.  The smokiness of the chorizo, the tinge of orange from the oil in the sausage and the perfectly melted cheese makes this a must order dish.

“Queso Fundido: queso Oaxaca, smoked chorizo, salsa roja, flour tortilla” 9.00$

After trying a small sample of the tuna tostado, we had to order some for our table.  Nothing fancy about this, just great ingredients.  The tuna was bright pink and fresh and was dressed with a little piece of avocado, and crispy leeks for texture.  It was set on a smidge of aioli on a crisp corn tortilla for a perfect little bite.

“Tuna Tostada: Ahi tuna sashimi, chipotle aioli, crispy leeks, avocado, crispy corn tortilla” 9.00$

Fish tacos are popular and at Taqueria Arturo, they make theirs with Atlantic cod.  Again, not many ingredients are used but the fish is fresh and tasty, the simple ingredients speak for themselves.  Dressed with chipotle mayo, minimal cabbage and a radish slide on top, the fish was flaky and the coating had a good crunch.

“Baja Fish taco: crunchy Atlantic cod, chipotle mayo & cabbage” 4.00$

What we love about the tacos at Taqueria Arturo is that they use ingredients that are not usually seen in tacos like gochjujang, kimchi, and peking duck. One of our favourite tacos of the night was the peking duck taco.  Served with pickled daikon and carrot for extra crunch, the skin was nicely browned and crispy and the meat itself was tender.  A touch of hoison sauce added a nice sweet and salty combination.

“Peking duck taco: 5 spice roasted duck, pickled daikon & carrot, hoisin” 4.50$
“Tingo taco: achiote smoked chicken” 3.50$

The tingo taco was very simply, with shredded chicken flavoured with achiote, which is a seed that is steeped in oil or some sort of fat and gives off a bright orange-red colour.  Garnished with some cilantro on top; the taco was a simple and delicious bite.

“Quesadilla Arturo: queso Oaxaca, black bean puree, creama, cilantro, pasilla redux” 9.50$

We tried the quesadilla Arturo, with Oaxaca cheese, black beans, crema and pasilla pepper. The tortilla was crisp and held together, there was sufficient filling and it was once again served with their very spicy habanero dipping sauce, perfect if you wanted some kick!

Taqueria Arturo has some great tacos that you won’t find anywhere else.  And they also serve burritos which we didn’t get to try but that just gives us an excuse to come back!  They also do brunch on weekends, delivery and take-out.  Taqueria Arturo will definitely wake up Prince Arthur street!

Our Rating: Splendid

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