Star of Bombay Event at HVOR

Bombay Sapphire Gin and HVOR restaurant have been two of our great loves for a while! Imagine our glee when our beloved old friend Bombay Sapphire came out with a new, more refined upscale gin, called Star of Bombay. This London Dry Gin came all the way from England to their introduction event at HVOR – and the Divas got to taste it first!


At 47.5% alcohol, the Star of Bombay has quite a kick to it. Made in Bombay Sapphire’s newest distillery, it offers something new to the Bombay Sapphire gin family. The original Bombay Sapphire was created as a gin specially designed for a martini, Bombay Sapphire East, flavoured with lemongrass and black peppercorn was designed for the classic gin n’ tonic. Star of Bombay is meant to be enjoyed simply on the rocks, it takes a tasty gin to be enjoyed so uniquely.


We received a great introduction about the Star of Bombay and we were taught how to make a perfect martini with this premium gin. Of course they didn’t leave it all up to us, we are not mixologists after all, we were also made varied cocktails with the Star of Bombay, all delicious and they all demonstrated the subtle hints of flavour in the gin. We can bore you with the new vapour process used to make this peculiar gin, and talk about the botanicals, but we aren’t experts, we just know that it tastes divine.


The event was held at HVOR, and the dishes were chosen to compliment each cocktail that we were served. Sadly due to a bout of traffic we missed the canapés and appetizers, but the main dish, though tiny, was absolute heaven. Duck breast that is smoked and aged in house was served with a chestnut ravioli and poached pear. Sweet, salty, nutty and creamy was combined in this perfect dish. We were quickly reminded why we love HVOR and we don’t understand why this restaurant does not get more love!

Duck Breast with Chestnut Ravioli & Poached Pear

Duck Breast with Chestnut Ravioli & Poached Pear

Dessert arrived in the form of a creamy chocolate cake with almonds that brought us to chocolate lover’s heaven. Served with glace aux amandes which is an almond sorbet, it wasn’t creamy enough to be an ice cream, each bite was heaven. Candied fruit and an almond crumble added to this decadent dessert. We need to go back to HVOR, and you do too dear readers!

Chocolate Cake with Almonds

Chocolate Cake with Almonds

We went home a little buzzed and very happy with a bottle of the Star of Bombay, we cannot wait to make a few cocktails and post about them! This gin is Bombay Sapphire’s baby, may we say, their favourite child in a family of gins that has been part of our repertoire for years!


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