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Everyone is talking about Souvlaki Bar, they started in Laval and are slowly spreading all over the island. They have locations in Laval and Saint Laurent as well as several express venues. Since we work in Ville St. Laurent (or St. Lau if you hold the area as close to you heart as we do), we went to the Souvlaki Bar on Côte-Vertu to satisfy that pesky Greek food craving!

As we sat down at our table, Diva #2 noticed something missing form the menu; saganaki! For those of you who don’t know, saganaki is a Greek staple of fried kefalograviera (type of gruyere cheese), often doused in ouzo, lit on fire, and always thoroughly enjoyed.

“Sesame feta: Oven baked feta wrapped in phyllo, covered with sesame seeds and honey” 9.95$

But this was all soon forgotten when we ordered a similar cheese dish dish, the sesame feta. A large slice of feta was wrapped in phyllo dough, baked and covered in honey and sesame seeds.  The phyllo dough was a nice thin crunchy layer that soaked up the honey, and the feta was salty and perfectly melted. This dish is the perfect combination of sweet n’ salty, with various textures that made us fall in love with Greek cuisine all over again.

“Tzatziki: the most famous Greek spread. Thick Greek yogurt, cucumbers, garlic and olive oil” 5.95$

You can’t go to a Greek restaurant and not have the tzatziki, which at Souvlaki bar is served with homemade pita.  The tzatziki was thick and had a strong garlic flavour with a single teasing Kalamata olive sitting on top.  The homemade pita chips were addictive and we had our basket refilled more times than we care to reveal!

“Grilled octopus: red onions, marinated roasted red peppers, capers, lemon, extra virgin olive oil and oregano” 15.95$

The grilled octopus was not overcooked and therefore, not chewy – thank God!  After all, we expected no less from a Greek restaurant! It was served with rice and the SVK salad which is composed of iceberg lettuce and mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, red onions, feta and the house dressing.  Our only complaint was with the roasted potatoes, unfortunately they were not cooked through!

“Grilled Lamb Chops (4x): with lemon, olive oil and oregano” 23.95$

The lamb chops were simply wow!  There were four lamb chops per serving, though you can order more individual lamb chops if you’d like at an additional cost.  The lamb chops were cooked perfectly, full of flavour from being cooked on the grill.  We had no qualms eating the chops with our hands, they were that good, especially with a squeeze of lemon!  This plate was also served with rice, the SVK bar salad and sadly, the same undercooked potato wedges.


We couldn’t leave without having a frappé, the classic Greek iced coffee.  It was delicious, refreshing and made us wonder why we stopped making them at work!  If you’re in St. Lau or Laval and craving some delicious Greek food, stop by Souvlaki Bar, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Our Rating: Splendid
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