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Soubois is the new place to see and be seen in Montreal, they’ve been slowly crafting a name for themselves, and gaining in popularity because all the cool kids go there. We’ve already gone for dinner, and at night to party, you can see our review of their dinner HERE, and how we love to party over HERE, but now this Montreal supper club is serving brunch on Sundays. They serve brunch from 11:30 am to 3 pm on Sundays, perfect for late risers like us.

Soubois Brunch, Montreal Restaurant - Breakfast

We once deemed Soubois as worthy only of the most Basic Bitches, well it’s time the Divas call a spade a spade. Diva #1 was so painfully hungover for this brunch that she was trying to puke in the bathroom to curb her nausea. You don’t get more basic than that! But the show must go on, so Peaches and Sweet Pea patiently waited for her in the dining room while she slowly died in the washroom. Classy girls are the prettiest!

Soubois Brunch, Montreal Restaurant - coffee

We started our brunch with cappuccinos that came with darling little rocks of sugar – the coffee was very good and we’re coffee snobs. We’ve been spoiled with fabulous Italian espresso, so our coffee standards are higher than our standards for men. Coffee is fine and dandy but we needed more booze – why not? Nothing curbs a hangover better than starting your day with a little more alcohol. Right?

“Le Mimosa d’Alex: Chandon, St Germain Elderflower, Purée de baies, Jus d’ananas, Agrume” 15$ “Patates à la plaque” 6$

“Le Mimosa d’Alex: Chandon, St Germain Elderflower, Purée de baies, Jus d’ananas, Agrume” 15$
“Patates à la plaque” 6$

The Mimosa d’Alex was delicious, with Chandon, St Germain Elderflower, basil purée and pineapple juice. Definitely a fun twist on the classic mimosa! The little cranberry in the glass was a nice tart treat too. We ordered a side of potatoes to soak up the remaining alcohol in Diva #1’s stomach, but they fell short, they were cold and didn’t particularly stand out. They were missing salt and perhaps some butter. Meh!

“Pancakes au thé du Labrador, ricotta et bleuets sauvages” 17$

“Pancakes au thé du Labrador, ricotta et bleuets sauvages” 17$

The winner were the pancakes with wild blueberries, ricotta and lemon shavings on the creamy ricotta. It was a gorgeous stack of pancakes. They were delicious, not too sweet with the ricotta adding a creamy element to the dish. We were soon fighting over the last pancake in the stack!

“Lingot Lux DeLuxe (à partager)” 24$

“Lingot Lux DeLuxe (à partager)” 24$

The Lingot Lux DeLuxe was a side dish with an herbed cream cheese, wrapped in smoked salmon with chives and caviar. The bagel that it came with desperately needed butter, it was very dry. The little smoked salmon and herbed cream cheese was tasty but this is not a dish that we would order again – we’ve had better!

“Bénédictine des bois, oeufs pochés, muffin Anglais, champignons sauvages” 17$

“Bénédictine des bois, oeufs pochés, muffin Anglais, champignons sauvages” 17$

The eggs Benedict with wild mushrooms tickled our fancy – we love mushrooms and we love eggs benedict. It could have used a bit more hollandaise sauce, but we’re gluttons like that. It was a nice dish that punched a lot of flavour. The poached eggs were perfectly runny and there was definitely a good amount of wild mushrooms.

“Grilled cheese Compton, truffle et jambon blanc” 28$

“Grilled cheese Compton, truffle et jambon blanc” 28$

Fatties that we are, we also ordered the grilled cheese with ham and truffles. The taste of truffle was very apparent, which we loved, plenty of white ham, we wish there was a bit more cheese but we love a very gooey grilled cheese. The country bread was delicious and if you know the Divas – you know that we love a good grilled cheese sandwich. Though at 28$ the price is steep but you’re paying for the truffle and the Soubois ambiance, coming here for brunch is a treat and an outing, not a quick bite before running errands.

Soubois Brunch, Montreal Restaurant

Alright Soubois, maybe you’re not so bad after all! We were definitely the most Basic of girls at this brunch, we were nursing a hangover and trying to keep our shit together all while indulging in mimosas and a decadent brunch. At least we weren’t in yesterday’s makeup and clothes – that’s the silver lining 😉


Our Rating: As Expected
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