Sammi & Soupe Dumpling

We were on a quest for Montreal’s best dumplings, that was our craving, and we needed to satisfy it immediately. We don’t know much about dumplings, but we know that we love them and that’s good enough for us. Sweet Pea and Diva #1 were painfully hung over after a very interesting Friday night. We canceled all of our Saturday plans, ignored all phone calls and texts, and went on a quest for the best dumplings.

Sammi & Soupe Dumplings, Montreal Asian Restaurant - Making Dumplings

Everyone was raving about Qing Hua, Trilogie and Sammi & Soupe Dumpling, but Sweet Pea had been to Qin Hua, and we wanted to try a new spot, and Trilogie was closed. Somehow on our way to Sammi & Soupe Dumpling we accidentally ended up at a dumpling restaurant just 3-4 doors down, and only once we sat down, and had the menus before us did we realize that we were in the wrong place. Smart girls! We quickly skedaddled and found Sammi & Soupe Dumpling. We knew we were in the right place when we saw the glass enclosed kitchen, so that you can watch the labour of love that goes into dumpling making.

“Steam Dumpling: Juicy pork, shrimp & scallops” 10 pieces 8.99$

“Steam Dumpling: Juicy pork, shrimp & scallops” 10 pieces 8.99$

Sammi & Soupe Dumpling even had a little note on each table explaining the correct way to enjoy dumplings, or XiaoLongBao, as they’re authentically called. We read that we should place 1 part soy sauce and 3 parts vinegar in our ginger dish, you then dip your dumpling in this sauce. After that you place the dumpling in your Asian soup spoon and poke a hole to release the broth (Diva #1 kept forgetting to do this, hence why the dumpling kept squirting all over her), and enjoy your dumpling with the broth, perhaps even with some ginger.

Sammi & Soupe Dumplings, Montreal Asian Restaurant

The correct way to eat dumplings is like the gentleman in our photo who is using one hand to hold his Asian soup spoon that holds the broth released from the dumpling, and another the chopsticks. He was so impressive we watched him eat dumplings all night. Diva #1 was particularly impressed because her dumpling kept squirting all over her. Classy!

“Vegetable & Shrimp Wonton Soup” S 3.99$ L 8.99$ “Hot & Sour Soup” S 2.99$ L 6.99$

“Vegetable & Shrimp Wonton Soup” S 3.99$ L 8.99$
“Hot & Sour Soup” S 2.99$ L 6.99$

Diva #1 first fell in love with dumplings when she began her torrid affair with wonton soup in her teens. Sadly it was only much later that she tried authentic wonton soup, or as authentic as wonton soup can get. Sammi & Soupe Dumpling had some delicious wonton soup where the wontons were stuffed with vegetable and shrimp. There was another won ton soup with pork and vegetables. We ordered the small versions of the two soups, Sweet Pea enjoyed the Hot & Sour soup which had a nice kick to it, but the wonton soup was the better of the two.

 “Steam Dumpling: Juicy pork, shrimp & scallops” 10 pieces 8.99$

“Steam Dumpling: Juicy pork, shrimp & scallops” 10 pieces 8.99$

Our only complaint was that there were so many dumplings to an order and since we were only two people we couldn’t try a variety of dumplings. With so many dumplings to a serving, we were just too full. We started with the juicy pork, shrimp and scallop steamed dumplings which were bursting with broth. They were absolutely delicious, with tons of flavour.

“Steam Dumpling: Juicy pork, shrimp & scallops” 10 pieces 8.99$ “Fried dumplings: Lamb & Coriander” 15 pieces 9.99$

“Steam Dumpling: Juicy pork, shrimp & scallops” 10 pieces 8.99$
“Fried dumplings: Lamb & Coriander” 15 pieces 9.99$

In the dumpling world there is a rumour that some restaurants allow you to order your dumplings as half steamed and half fried dumplings. Alas this was not the case at Sammi & Soupe Dumpling, the dumplings were separated on the menu as either being fried or steamed. They did not let you mix and match, which their sister restaurant, Qing Hua, allows you to do. Sweet Pea did some dumpling sleuthing!

 “Fried dumplings: Lamb & Coriander” 15 pieces 9.99$

“Fried dumplings: Lamb & Coriander” 15 pieces 9.99$

With 15 dumplings to an order, the fried dumplings are a steal. We opted for the lamb and coriander dumplings which as you can see from the photo, are filled with tons of fresh coriander, we’re salivating just remembering these bad boys. The fried dumplings aren’t as juicy with broth but they have that nice crunchy fried coating, so we recommend you try both fried and steamed dumplings to maximize your experience.

“Red bean bun” 2.99$

“Red bean bun” 2.99$

Of course we had to try their dessert. They had pumpkin cake, and ice cream, but we were drawn to the red bean bun which was basically a little dessert dumpling. Filled with red bean paste, it wasn’t very sweet, and it was definitely interesting. The dumpling like coating was a little strange but it was a nice treat nonetheless. Something different!

“Fried dumplings: Lamb & Coriander” 15 pieces 9.99$

“Fried dumplings: Lamb & Coriander” 15 pieces 9.99$

Well Sammi & Soupe Dumpling you impressed us, and it only fueled our dumpling craving, instead of simply satisfying it. Now we want to try more dumplings and compare them to Sammi & Soupe Dumpling. We keep hearing that they’re the best, but we want to find out for ourselves!


Our Rating: Splendid
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Comments: 3

  1. Dahlia February 19, 2016 at 1:03 pm Reply

    Love the dumplings here!

  2. Alina October 10, 2018 at 6:30 pm Reply

    I just made a takeaway order by phone. They told me in 15 min I can pick it up. So I went in 20 min to pick up my order, which it was not ready. I said “ok, I’ll wait” and I waited another 20 min and my order was still not ready. I asked them what is wrong and they have told me that they mixed by mistake orders and that my order actually was ready from the first time. When I asked what was happened, they made me feel like it was my fault that I did not give them more details when I came in, which as I told them, this is not the truth. Anyway, they gave me the ordered food, I paid and I left home. When I wanted to eat, I saw that what they had given me it was not at all what I have ordered, so I want back and ask them what was the problem. They asked me what I have ordered and they did not give me any explanation and just told me to wait so they will prepare my food. I told them I will not wait again 20 min to have the food that was ordered 45 min ago. I just asked for my money back and I told them that they should offer for free my ordered food for their mistake. They acted as nothing happened and just gave me my money back. I am sorry that I did not stay more and asked whos mistake was so I could speak with the owner of the restaurant. As an advice for everyone who will have the same problem (because their client services are worse), don’t just ask your money back, ask about the person who did the mistake and talk with the owner. This is what I should have done to help them to understand that the client service is as im[portant as the food.

  3. john jacques December 2, 2018 at 2:20 pm Reply

    Food was good but do not understand the service. Angry looks from bus person when we walked in. Werecd our soup but no spoon so went to cashier and asked. We recd main dish but no chopstick or cutlery in sight , had to go to the cashiers and get them , when we were done we had to go back to the cashier to pay the bill. All around us people were being fussed over and offered utensils

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