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One of the great things about walking around Little Italy is that there are plenty of places to stop and satisfy that pang of hunger.  Sensei was hungry and hungover (not in necessarily in that order) and needed sustenance, so we walked into the much-loved Salmigondis, and got a table.

We ordered coffee, the latte was perfect, complete with a heart shape drawn into the foam.  While Salmigondis has a lovely, hidden terrace, available during the warmer weather, there is something to be said of their interior.  A long, dark bar matches the dark ceiling with Edison light fixtures and some pretty alternative art.

“Duck Eggs: Gaspor bacon, roasted potato, toast” 15$

We perused the menu and settled on two dishes, though the choices all seemed delicious!  The duck eggs were simple yet complex.  The yolks were a vibrant orange, rich, and with a sprinkling of coarse salt.  They paired well with the roasted potatoes which were simply seasoned.  It was also served with a generous piece of Gaspor pork, that could only be described as absolute deliciousness!  It was smoky, tender, and had little charred edges that we loved.

“Sweet Potato Pancake: oyster mushroom, burnt onion, 64˚ eggs, spinach, parmesan” 16$

We also tried the sweet potato pancake.  Served with meaty oyster mushrooms, we didn’t miss any of the usual meat components of a breakfast/brunch dish.  We loved how the poached egg was nestled in the rings of the burnt onion and once the egg was cut open, the yolk added richness to the light dish.  The parmesan shavings also added a nice hint of saltiness that paired well with the charred onion.

We loved our brunch at Salmigondis, and though we only tried two of their dishes, we left wanting to try a few more. We’ll be back soon, and hopefully, if the weather cooperates we’ll be seated on their quiet, sunny terrace!

Our Rating: Splendid
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