Ristorante Beatrice (Bice) II

Beatrice, previously known as Bice, is one of those fabulous classic Montreal restaurants that has not only stood the test of time, but has actually become better over the years. This was not our first visit, nor will it be our last, but Beatrice ensured that we fell in love with some of their classic dishes all over again.

The restaurant is beautiful, their décor described as an “urban oasis” in their tented terrace, making you feel like you’re dining al fresco. The white tablecloths and dim lighting create an intimate ambiance that we adore. The restaurant is huge but because it’s broken into sections it never feels empty. It’s also a fabulous venue for private parties! Enough about the atmosphere, let’s talk about all the delicious Italian food.

“Burrata: burrata, prosciutto, olive bread, basil pesto, tomatoes” 20$

It’s hard to judge a restaurant based on their burrata because burrata is the same everywhere you go. But Beatrice still stood apart from the rest by not only serving their burrata with room temperature tomatoes, but with a basil pesto, delicious olive bread and a slice of prosciutto. A classic Italian appetizer, perfected by Beatrice.

“Tartare di Tonno: tuna tartar, soy and sambal, avocado, apple, cucumber, taro” 20$

And when at Beatrice, you indulge in the tuna tartare. A layer of creamy avocado is topped with a layer of red tuna tossed with soy sauce and sambal which is a type of Asian hot sauce. Finely diced cucumber and green apple topped the tuna tartare and a large taro chip completes the dish. The tuna is always fresh, and the avocado perfectly creamy, definitely a great appetizer.

“Carciofi e Funghetti: artichokes and mushrooms, parmesan” 18$

Italians know how to cook their artichokes, a tricky vegetable to prepare, and Beatrice created a delicious appetizer with artichokes and king mushrooms. The artichokes and mushrooms have almost identical consistencies which is offset by the frisé lettuce and shards of Parmigiano. A thick balsamic dressing unifies the dish which is a cross between an appetizer and a salad.

“Gamberoni: grilled shrimp, citrus, barley, broccolini” 45$

The perfectly grilled shrimp was the real treat, juicy and meaty with a hint of citrus. Served on a bed of barley with broccolini, this was the perfect little plate before our main dishes arrived. The shrimp was so meaty it felt like a steak, and the broccolini was cooked to perfection, with still a bit of crunch in each bite.

“Agnolotti: braised veal, wild mushroom sauce” 28$

This classic has been on Beatrice’s menu since day 1, which was 20 years ago,, and once you try it you’ll understand why it has stood the test of time. Their homemade braised veal agnolotti in a rich, wild mushroom sauce tastes like heaven. The braised veal melts in your mouth and the mushroom sauce is perfectly decadent. Enough said, this is the best main dish at Beatrice!

“Ravioli alla Melanzane: eggplant parmesan, tomatoes, fresh herbs, ricotta salata” 26$

Not that we could beat the agnolotti, but we tried with the eggplant parmesan ravioli with tomatoes, fresh herbs and a ricotta salata. Who knew that vegetarian could taste this good? Certainly not us, with a hint of lemon in the buttery sauce, the dish took a spin on what sounded like a traditional eggplant parmesan. Their pastas are always a favourite of ours, and we’ll return to try their carne soon!

Salted Caramel Ice Cream Cake with Caramel Popcorn
Cannoli & Fruit

We were too full for dessert but somehow we ended up with a delicious dessert platter in front of us. Salted caramel ice cream cake with caramel popcorn made for a sweet but perfect dessert. Their cannoli with a hint of pistachio has a crunchy shell and creamy ricotta filling, can we resist? Absolutely not!

Beatrice, we always leave too full and in love with your ambiance all over again. If you’re looking for a delicious Italian meal in a romantic, relaxing atmosphere, look no further than Beatrice. This Montreal classic has been open for 20 years, popular as a date night spot and for businesses lunches. Their menu actually became more affordable since Bice became Beatrice, and their set lunch menu is a steal. We can’t wait until their fabulous terrace is open in the summer!

Our Rating: Always on Thursdays

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