Diva #1 and a friend ended up at a clandestine dinner to watch the Habs game at Riccardos in the West Island. Not that she’s one for hockey, but she’s definitely one for dinner, especially clandestine dinners! Actually the term friend is being used rather loosely here, sadly by the time this post went up, they weren’t friends at all. But that sad tale isn’t for a restaurant review blog …

“Calamari Fritti” 13$

“Calamari Fritti” 13$

Riccardos is a family run Italian restaurant in the West Island. Diva #1’s friend lives in the West Island so that’s why she was out in the boonies, it’s not her usual M.O. They started their meal with the fried calamari – large rings of calamari were breaded and seasoned nicely, adding a very nice taste to this traditional Italian appetizer. Served with marinara sauce, it was wonderful to see an old classic done well.

“Carbonara: Cream, pancetta, eggs & parmesan cheese” 15$

“Carbonara: Cream, pancetta, eggs & parmesan cheese” 15$

The menu had a lot of tantalizing pasta dishes but Diva #1 was intrigued by the carbonara. She chose to have linguine for her carbonara, but you can choose the pasta at Riccardos. The pancetta was crispy, and the pasta cooked perfectly al dente, but the carbonara was a touch too creamy. Diva #1 is a purist and prefers her carbonara with little to no cream, just enough to tease the egg. It was tasty nonetheless, although more similar to an alfredo sauce.

“Marco: Spicy meat & rosé sauce” 14$

“Marco: Spicy meat & rosé sauce” 14$

Diva #1’s friend had the Marco pasta which was the winner of the two pasta dishes – of course she had to try it! The spicy meat and rosé sauce was absolutely delicious, and for once “spicy” on an Italian menu actually meant spicy, it had a nice kick to it. We were soon using the fresh bread at our table to finish the remaining sauce at the end of the dish. Although Riccardos isn’t where you would usually watch a hockey game, it was something different and we loved socializing with the friendly staff, especially since we were sitting at the bar.

“Homemade Millefeuille: Graham crackers layered with vanilla pudding and whip cream” 8$

“Homemade Millefeuille: Graham crackers layered with vanilla pudding and whip cream” 8$

Our waiter recommended the homemade mille feuille for dessert, Diva #1 was intrigued but she didn’t expect it to be that good. The layers of mille feuille had hints of almond paste, it was so perfectly creamy and delicious. It wasn’t too sweet and it was absolutely decadent.

If you need a nice Italian restaurant in the West Island, look no further than Riccardos. And as for Diva #1’s friend, it’s no longer much of a clandestine friendship, nor much of anything, it’s just a sad story.


Our Rating: As Expected

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  1. Dahlia March 4, 2016 at 10:53 am Reply

    The west island sometimes has good finds!!

  2. Joe March 8, 2016 at 3:13 pm Reply

    Aryana for Afghani and Bombay Choupati for Indian both on Sources are some of the best Afghani and Indian spots respectively on the entire island. That’s about it for West Island dining but both are outstanding especially Bombay Choupati, puts the places on Jean Talon to shame.

    Dosas and curries are amazing, shrimp curry is a must.
    Aryana, the sambosa (like samosa) and the other dumpling apps are real good.

    I recommend you try both for your blog.

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