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There are so many restaurants in Montreal, it’s hard to choose where to go next! We absolutely love it when our friends give us a restaurant recommendation.  That is exactly what happened when Diva #2’s friend told her about an authentic Thai restaurant that reminded her of her trip to Thailand.  With a recommendation like that, we had to make a reservation!

“Thai Boxer: sochu, Bombay, mint, Pamika sour, ginger beer” 11.50$
“Mekong Moonlight: Wild Turkey, jasmin and hibiscus syrup, coral rim” 11.50$

Pamika Brasserie is located in the Plateau on Sherbrooke E. We were seated one table away from the semi-open kitchen and the aromas wafting our way were enticing. We started with a couple of drinks which were decent, they didn’t win us over.  The Mekong Moonlight was a little too sweet for us, but the Thai Boxer was at least refreshing.

“Gyoza (x6): ground pork filet dumplings with carrots, cabbage” 11$

Everything at Pamika Brasserie Thai is served family style, perfect for sharing.  We started with the pork gyozas, six to a serving, filled with ground pork, as well as cabbage and carrots.  Served with a simple dipping sauce, the gyozas were crispy and warm.  They were filled generously filled and left us wondering if we should order a second helping.

“Pineapple fried rice: chicken, carrots, tomatoes, onions, fresh pineapple” 14$

The pineapple fried rice not only looked good in its hollowed out half pineapple, but more importantly, it was delicious.  The hollowed out half pineapple was filled with pineapple fried rice with chicken, carrots, tomatoes, and fresh pineapple for a hint of sweetness.  Everything mixed well together and even if you’re not a fan of pineapple in your savory food, this dish might win you over anyways. It was that good!

“Pamika Pad Thai: chicken, rice noodles, tofu, chives, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts” 14$

This Pad Thai has to be one of the best we’ve ever had!  The rice noodles were tender; the chicken was plentiful. The peanuts were finely crushed so you had a hint of nuttiness without any big chunks.  The sprouts were served on the side to be added at your discretion, and a squeeze of the accompanying lime was all that was needed to make this dish complete.

“Beef Panaeng: flank steak, red peppers, pea eggplants, Thai basil” 18$

The beef panaeng is one of Pamika’s most popular dishes and we loved it!  It had a good amount of spiciness which was addictive and the dish was filed with red peppers, as well as fragrant Thai basil and tender flank steak.  Served with rice which was perfect for soaking up the delicious sauce, we couldn’t get enough of this dish!

“Red curry seafood: shrimp, calamaris, Thai basil, kaffir leaves, red peppers, coconut milk” 18$

Our waiter told us that the red curry seafood was his favourite dish so we ordered it!  Large pieces of calamari and jumbo shrimp, all perfectly cooked, made up this dish.  Served with red and green peppers, and onions, and a side of rice, the mildly spicy sauce clung to the fish and vegetables, and was tasty over rice.

Pamika Brasserie Thai was a lovely surprise!  The authentic Thai flavours will flood your palate and have you craving more the next day. We’re certainly looking forward to more bang-on suggestions from our friends!

Our Rating: Splendid
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