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Our schedules are hectic and trying to coordinate with friends often gets tricky.  That’s why Diva #2 celebrated Sabo’s birthday a month after the fact, though, let’s be honest, everyone loves it when they’re birthday never ends!

We went to Orange Rouge in Montreal’s Chinatown, after hearing only good things and we can say, we only have more good things to add!  First off, they have matchbooks, which is something Diva #2 loves to see, that old-school touch that restaurants have foregone. Secondly, the cocktails are on point!

“GIn tonIc galangal” 12$
“Bloody chino: vodka or Tequila, Clamato, Sichuan pepper, Galanga & hot sauce” 13$

We loved sitting at the bar and watching our bartender, Antoine, work his magic.  The Gin Tonic Galangal was crisp with a subtle hint of ginger. That ginger-like taste came from the galangal, a root similar to ginger but much less common.  The Blood Chino was our favourite though, with a kick of spice that we loved.  They use their own housemade hot sauce in the drink and you have the choice of using tequila or vodka as your base.

“Popcorn Shrimp” 8$

The popcorn shrimp is listed in the snack section of the menu and should honestly be sold in brown paper bags so you can walk around town while enjoying them!  Served with their housemade hot sauce, the popcorn shrimp went perfectly with our cocktails, they were extra crispy, not greasy and the perfect way to start our meal.

“Raw Albacore Tuna, kimchi creme fraiche” 17$

The Albacore tuna was cut thick and sat on crème fraiche infused with kimchi, for the subtlest of spicy hints.  The tuna itself was a pale pink and silky smooth.  The crème fraiche kimchi added a touch of coolness to the plate, and the kimchi, though not evidently spicy, offered a nice background note.

“Vietnamese beef (rare)” 16$

The Vietnamese beef was a favourite dish of ours, with slices of rare beef served with matchstick taro root, topped with mint and cilantro. The matchstick root vegetables added a nice textural difference to the tender meat.  Each bite was refreshing, especially when taken with the fresh herbs.

“Steam buns, foie gras, tamarind, daikon” 12$

If you love foie gras, this is a must-have dish.  Picture biting into a soft steam bun and having silky foie gras ooze out.  They were erved with caramelized onions for sweetness and a tamarind sauce that complimented the sweet onions and added a slight tartness.  The steam buns are large and we recommend you cut them so you don’t make too much of a mess trying to fit them in your mouth, but as Sabo wisely said “with enough alcohol, anything will fit!”

“Dumplings, duck confit, shiitake & beets” 15$

Who doesn’t love dumplings, especially when they’re filled with duck confit?!  The kitchen at Orange Rouge doesn’t skimp on the amount of filling in these dumplings, they could easily fill two!  Served with slices of red beets and earthy shiitake mushrooms, every bite was perfection!  The duck meat had a deep rich flavour that paired well with the mushrooms.

“Shanghai noodles, beef & peppers” 16$

Our last dish was the Shanghai noodles, which is exactly what we needed after all the cocktails.  The dish was the heartiest of the ones we had and was the perfect mix of onions, bell peppers, and beef.  The noodles were not overcooked, there was just the right amount of sauce to coat the noodles and a good ration of beef to vegetables.

Orange Rouge, we’ve heard so much about you and now we know why!  From the moment we stepped through the front door, the service was top notch, the cocktails were great and the food coming out of the kitchen was stellar.  We’ll be back again!

Our Rating: Always on Thursdays
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