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sorry we-re closedWhitey loves her BBQ, she lived in the southern USA for two years and since her return to Montreal, she spends a lot of time visiting BBQ joints in hopes of finding the perfect deep fried chicken and pulled pork sandwich. She is a picky eater who isn’t easy to please so when she told Diva #1 and Bellatrix that she was pleased with the pulled pork at Moonshine BBQ… well we just had to go ASAP. Located on Decarie Boulevard in the middle of nowhere, we went to Moonshine BBQ eager to try their southern comfort food because Whitey needed southern love “in a real kinda way.

Moonshine BBQ, Montreal - Inside

We love Bourbon Lemonade so we decided to opt for the Jon Daly which was a cocktail made with bourbon lemonade and sweet tea. Not too sweet, it was a nice tart cocktail, though we would have liked more bourbon but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Bellatrix ordered the Whiskey Sour which is made up of whiskey, simple syrup and fresh lemon juice. This was another refreshing cocktail that we continually ordered throughout the night. Whitey ordered a beer; she chose the Moonshine Blond beer, which is one of their house beers. She is infinitely cooler than the rest of us who hate beer. Beer and BBQ are the perfect match, but we cannot shake our love of cocktails and wine.

“Whiskey Sour: Whiskey, Simply Syrup, Fresh Lemon Juice” “Jon Daly: Bourbon, Lemonade, Sweet Tea” Moonshine Blond

“Whiskey Sour: Whiskey, Simply Syrup, Fresh Lemon Juice”
“Jon Daly: Bourbon, Lemonade, Sweet Tea”
Moonshine Blond

Diva #1 loves a good plate of nachos, so she warned Whitey and Bellatrix that regardless of what everyone ordered, they were starting with the nachos. A bowl of aluminum foil arrived with nachos topped with a saucy chili, plenty of cheese, diced tomatoes and white onions, and a large dollop of sour cream. Meant to be messy, these cheesy chili-topped nachos were divine. Whereas the girls had mocked Diva #1 for her love of nachos, one taste of Moonshine BBQ’s chili sauce and they were digging in with zero finesse. You can also order their chili as a side dish on its own or even buy it for 9.95$/liter to take home.

“Nachos” 13.99$

“Nachos” 13.99$

There were many meaty items to choose from, baby back pork ribs, beef ribs, pulled pork sandwich or plate, brisket, etc. Whitey had tried the chicken wings on a previous visit and had told us that they were delish and crazy spicy. We couldn’t commit, we wanted all the meat; we are women with an appetite! Moonshine BBQ has a fun combo of any BBQ item with a side and a drink for 3.99$, but for the sake of the review we needed more meat. Instead of keeping it classy, Whitey and Diva #1 peer pressured Bellatrix into ordering what is called their Champion platter: 4 meats that are the Pitmaster’s choice as well as 4 sides. You can order the half portion of this platter but we went hard and ordered the full Champion platter because as Whitey always says “go big or go home.”

Moonshine BBQ, Montreal

The Champion platter came on a heavy baking sheet filled with food…we were a little overwhelmed when it arrived at our table. Ribs, BBQ chicken, pulled pork and smoked brisket were the meats that the Pitmaster chose to arrive at our table. The chicken was the most ordinary of the meats, the skin was tasty but the chicken underneath lacked in flavour. The ribs were delicious, messy and the smokey sauce was perfection. The two winners of the night were the pulled pork and the brisket. Diva #1 fell in love with the brisket; cooked to absolute perfection she had never tried beef brisket that tender. Fatty in all the right spots, she ate more than she should have and is still craving it today. The pulled pork was similar to Moonshine BBQ’s chili and it hit the spot, she cannot even begin to imagine it in a sandwich with melted cheese. Whitey was right, the pulled pork was delish! But how could this get better? Well you can buy the brisket to take home at 17.95/lb or the hand pulled pork for 8.55$/lb…sign us up for a weekly order please!

“Champion: 4 Meats, 4 Sides, Pitmaster's Choice” Full 58$ Half 36$

“Champion: 4 Meats, 4 Sides, Pitmaster’s Choice” Full 58$ Half 36$

We were only supposed to get 4 sides but we ended up with 6…perhaps we looked unstable and the kitchen staff felt generous? The cornbread wasn’t dry at all which was an impressive surprise because cornbread tends to be disappointing. This cornbread was actually perfection. The tater tots were our absolute favourite; we just couldn’t get enough of these fried little taters that reminded us of our childhood. The sweet potato fries were as good as expected, as was the coleslaw, nothing particularly stood out, and the collard greens were delightful, especially when smothered with hot sauce. But with all of this fried food who wants something healthy? The disappointment was the mac n’ cheese which was overcooked and the sauce was rather boring. Bellatrix was particularly disappointment because she loves her mac n’ cheese.

"Brisket Sandwich" 15.99$

“Brisket Sandwich” 15.99$

We must have loved it because we went back a few weeks later to indulge in the brisket sandwich with tater-tots and corn bread. A lighter version of our favourites from the Champion Platter that we had tried on our earlier visit. It was absolutely delicious!!! We were pleased with Moonshine BBQ; Montreal needed some more southern love. Anyone who wants good southern comfort food should check them out; they will not be disappointed!

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Our Rating: Splendid
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  1. Dahlia July 14, 2014 at 2:42 pm Reply

    Sounds delish! I’ve heard good things about Moonshine BBQ!

  2. […] all over their chicken and ribs. Just try their pulled pork and tell us that you aren’t a fan! Moonshine BBQ is a new Montreal hot spot, their champion platter has EVERYTHING and is made for the BBQ-lover in […]

  3. Dodoy August 19, 2014 at 3:15 pm Reply

    New spot to check out..
    See one thing .. You didnt have a section for Lasalle, Anjou or Jean-Talon (east).
    Y’all should bring somes .. so many places around 🙂

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