Matterello is a classic Italian restaurant, which may sound common but in Montreal, “classic Italian” is becoming more and more rare. Many Italian restaurants in Montreal have adapted an Italian fusion cuisine, in some ways similar to French cuisine, with sexier, more modern dishes. But sometimes you’re in the mood for something a little more traditional, and in those moments, Matterello is the restaurant for you.

The appetizer menu had meatballs, calamari, arancini, and even trippa, a misunderstood Italian delicacy, amongst other classics. We opted for a caprese salad, the mozzarella di bufala was creamy, the tomatoes sweet and the balsamic reduction the perfect addition. You can even order mozzarella di bufala with culatello, a cured meat similar to prosciutto. Well priced and delicious, the caprese salad was an excellent choice. Matterello also offers three appetizers at 24$, something that we would definitely opt for if we were more people.

“Insalata caprese: mozzarella di bufala avec tomates” 10$

This restaurant caught our eye because all the pasta is made fresh in house. There were so many pasta dishes to choose from that we opted for the half portions so that we can enjoy three dishes. It was a rather gluttonous decision but one that we do not regret. This classic Italian eatery had all the traditional Italian pasta dishes like pescatore, vongole, rapini and sausage, pomodoro with basil, carbonara, and many more.

“Tortellini al Gorgonzola: pâtes farcies à la viande, sauce au gorgonzola” 12/18$

We started with the tortellini gorgonzola, the tortellini were also made in house. Stuffed with meat, in a creamy gorgonzola sauce that wasn’t too thick and heavy, it was perfect. Just look at the tortellini in the picture, cooked perfectly al dente, the meat filling paired well with the gorgonzola, as opposed to a cheese filling which would have taken away from the sauce.

“Ragù alla Bolognese” 12/17$

Who orders Bolognese at a restaurant? Our waitress assured us that this was one of Matterello’s specialties, and we always love it when a restaurant recommends a dish that we wouldn’t otherwise order. Bolognese is something that you have on a Sunday lunch with the family, but after trying it at Matterello, we’ll be back for this dish alone. The bolognese ragu was divine, not too heavy nor saucy, and perfect with the al dente linguine.

“Porcini: cèpes, ail, huile d’olive” 12/17$

They had two different mushroom pastas on the menu, we opted for the porcini pasta in a garlic olive oil sauce. It was delicious, very light because of the simplicity of the sauce, but full of meaty mushrooms. We tried three different pastas with three distinct sauces to truly get a complete picture of what Matterello is capable of. Besides tons of pasta, they also had various chicken scallopini dishes on the menu, but trust us, this place is all about the homemade pasta.

If the portions seem small, keep in mind that we ordered the half portions of all the pasta dishes! A matterello is a tool for rolling and stretching pasta, and at Matterello they’ve truly mastered that craft.

Our Rating: Splendid

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