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In May, we were invited to the media opening of Le Blumenthal, the newly renovated restaurant in the heart of Quartier des Spectacles.  You can read all about the event HERE.  We enjoyed it so much that we told ourselves we had to come back for a proper sit down dinner, and what better occasion than when one of Diva #2’s best friends comes into town for a visit!

We were seated at a booth with a view of the restaurant in front of us.  Our waiter was more than helpful on two different occasions.  Once, with the wine choice, which Clouds approved of, and again when he bravely killed a spider near a plant that was too close for comfort for Diva #2. Now that’s service!

“Quebec Bufala Mozzarella, tomato, basil” 15$

We had three appetizers that we shared, starting with the refreshing buffalo mozzarella salad.  The tomatoes were sweet and in season, and the mozzarella was creamy. Our only caveat was the large pieces of cracked pepper.  We bit down on a couple of pieces and it took away from the freshness of the salad.  However, we did clean up the plate with a nice fresh piece of crusty bread.

“Grilled octopus, red pepper lentils, curry butter” 18$

In our experience, octopus is often a hit and miss in a restaurant, but we love it so much that we keep ordering it and hoping for the best!  At Le Blumenthal it was cooked perfectly, even the thinnest point of the tentacle, was tender.  Served with red pepper lentils, they still had some bite to them and the curry butter added a unique taste to the dish.  A pleasant departure from the usual Mediterranean preparation!

“Salmon tartare, avocado, bagel chips” 14$

The salmon tartare was very light and fresh.  It had minimal dressing so you really got to enjoy the salmon.  It was served with a green salad and instead of the usual baguette crisps, it was served with bagel chips, a little Montreal twist, which we liked.  The salmon tartare only comes as an appetizer while the beef tartare only comes as a main dish.

“Grilled hanger steak, green string beans, miso butter, fries” 28$

At first glance, when they steak was placed on the table, it appeared to have a massive chunk of foie gras on top.  However, it was a delicious cube of miso butter which added tons of flavour to every bite!  The steak itself was cooked to a perfect medium rare, as requested, and served with fries which were deliciously crispy, as well as a few green beans.

“Pulled smoked duck salad, poached egg, asparagus, fennel” 22$

The duck salad caught our eye and we were happy that we ordered it.  The duck was tender and there was plenty of it.  It was served with a mixed salad of spinach, frisé and thinly sliced fennel and asparagus. The dressing was light and the poached egg added a richness that complimented the duck very well.

“Seared trout in la Grenobloise, ratatouille” 25$

The trout was served with a seasonal ratatouille and green beans.  The fish was perfectly cooked, with a crispy skin that added a nice crunch and extra flavour.  The portion was generous and filling, and the dish was light, perfect on a summer night.

“Candy cap mushroom brulée cream” 7$

“Black forest fashion/frozen nougat black forest like” 7$

We ended our night with two desserts, the crème brûlée and the nougat.  The crème brûlée was creamy and rich with a thick sugar top and a little meringue in the shape of a mushroom.  The nougat was served in the form of a popsicle with a thin chocolate cake layer, topped with the frozen nougat and covered in a chocolate shell.  The cherry coulis on the plate completed this dessert perfectly.

Le Blumenthal has a lot going for it.  They are in a great location and the food is delicious, and the dishes unique.  But don’t take our word for it, check it out and let us know what you think!

Our Rating: Splendid

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