Le Bird Bar with a dash of Henden

Everyone is clucking about Le Bird Bar and Henden, the little speakeasy right underneath this fried chicken restaurant. When you think of fried chicken, well at least good fried chicken, you think of a greasy southern joint that serves you the oiliest but most decadent piece of fried chicken. This is not the story behind Le Bird Bar.

Le Bird Bar is a classy fried chicken restaurant that does not smell like old oil, with a fabulous bar, trendy atmosphere and unique fried chicken combinations. They get their chicken from the family run farm, Ferme des Voltigueurs, their chickens are free range and grain fed. Healthy is trendy! They also have a frying system that reduces the grease absorption in their fried food by 40-60%.

“Popcorn Chicken: sweet chilli” 11$

You can order their fried chicken in various combos with any of their many delicious sauces like maple-sriracha, bourbon, spicy mango, ginger soy, truffled white gravy, bumburn (lol!), ranch, etc – this is just to name a few! Of course, they have chicken n’ waffles, obviously they have sides like fries, dirty mash, jalapeno cornbread with honey butter and more! We opted for the popcorn chicken with a sweet chili sauce that was delicious, and we were soon fighting over the last pieces.

“Oysters” MP

Le Bird Bar is so sexy that you can even order their oysters with popcorn chicken and a jalapeno mignonette, at 3 for 11$ this is a fabulous little amuse bouche. We just opted for a dozen fresh oysters to go with our cocktails, and we ordered their popcorn chicken on the side. These guys know their chicken, and we love them for it!

“The Blacker the Berry: Crown Royal black, dark origins, Diplomatico, blackberry, almond, chocolate bitters, activated charcoal” 15$
“Snow White’s Berry: Muddled Raspberries, St-Germain, White Keys, Egg White, Lemon” 11$

It’s no wonder that they have a speakeasy below, their cocktails are delicious. We don’t even like brown liquor but at the recommendation of our waitress we kept ordering the Blacker the Berry with crown royal black, almond, chocolate bitters and activated charcoal. The Snow White’s Berry had muddled raspberries and St-Germain with egg white and lemon for a fresher spring taste.

“Baked Bone Marrow: onion jam sautéed spinach & grilled bread” 14$

The bone marrow caught our eye right away and we were astounded by the generous portion! Two bones arrived heaping with baked bone marrow and an onion jam that added a touch of je ne sais quoi to our palate. The grilled bread was charred perfectly and brought out the smokiness of the marrow. It seems that Le Bird Bar does more than just make fried chicken.

“Mac & Cheese Balls (3): marinara sauce” 11$

Our most disappointing appetizer of the evening were the mac & cheese balls, they weren’t bad but they didn’t pack a punch. They were crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside but perhaps they needed to be made with a sharper cheese because they lacked the saltiness associated with a good sharp cheese. On the other hand, the marinara sauce that was served was incredible, which is strange to say about something like marinara sauce but it was bursting with flavour with a little kick.

“Artisanal Charcuterie Board: with house pickles, grilled bread & Dijon” 22$

This wasn’t our first visit to Le Bird Bar, but it was our first official dinner. We had been to their media launch party where we tried their charcuterie spread filled with cured meats, crusty grilled bread, pickles, jars of salad and their famous fried chicken which we simply cannot get enough of! We want to come back and try their fried chicken wings and their chicken n’ waffles with a watermelon, feta & mint side for something different.

“Bird Bar Fried Chicken Sandwich: bacon, Caesar mayo & shaved parmesan served with house pickles & fries” 21$

Le Bird Bar experimented with various batters, frying in different oils, experimenting with their breading to bring you the best fried chicken.  At their opening event, we also tried their chicken sandwich that was made up of delicious and crispy fried chicken with bacon, lettuce and mayo.  We had more than one, just to make sure that they were good, and were they ever!

“Truffled Mac n’ Cheese: sizzling hot, served right in the skillet” 19$

If you’re not into fried chicken but still want to check out Le Bird Bar for its fabulous ambiance and because it’s the new trending restaurant in Montreal, fret not! They serve pulled beef brisket tacos, various salads but more importantly a truffled mac n’ cheese that we fell in love with. Served right in the skillet that it was cooked in, the pasta shells were al dente, the sauce creamy, the truffle taste very apparent and the top of the mac n’ cheese was au gratin.

“Roman’s Rocket: Chocolate, banana & pecan cake covered in a warm caramel and fleur de sel” 12$
“Mila and Cara’s Crumble: House honeycrisp apple crumble, served en cocotte and à la mode” 10$

These crazy kids even make a vegan chicken for those so inclined. We tried it at the event and were quite impressed with the results. Not that we recommend that anyone goes vegan, but Le Bird Bar has made vegan chicken tasty. We shared two desserts before heading downstairs to Henden, Roman’s Rocket was our favourite of the two, a banana and pecan cake, with a hint of chocolate, covered in a fleur de sel caramel that was oddly not too sweet. The honeycrisp apple crumble served à la mode was as expected, nothing particularly stood out.

Our only disclaimer concerning Le Bird Bar is that it’s rocking, meaning if you want to go for a quiet or relaxed dinner then this is not the place for you. We went at around 8:30pm on a Thursday night and it had that supper club feel to it, the lighting was very low, almost dark and the music that the DJ was spinning was amazing old school tunes but very loud, creating a more bar-like atmosphere rather than restaurant. We had a blast but it is just a warning if you’re looking for a more traditional restaurant experience!

Henden is the fabulous little speakeasy below that serves a few of Le Bird Bar’s late night eats, as well as their fabulous cocktails. We’ve been a few times already, including for their media event, you can click HERE for our review of Henden. The final verdict? Start your night at Le Bird Bar, enjoy their fried chicken and cocktails, and end your soirée at Henden, boozing the night away with style, Diva-style!

Our Rating: Splendid

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