La Voûte

Everything old is new again!

In the depths of what was once the bank safe of the old Royal Bank on St. Jacques, now lives Club La Voûte.  The newest edition to the Montreal nightlife scene, La Voûte promises to be an experience that you won’t soon forget.

We arrived at the media opening and were directed down the first set of stairs, complete with secretive, faceless men ready to direct you, you pass the thick safe door that leads into a hallway which opens up to the club.  With a bar that wraps around to your right and an elevated platform for the DJ, La Voûte is a feast for the eyes.

The same mysterious, faceless men who were guiding you after each flight of stairs soon marched in carrying gold blocks, performing a hypnotic type of dance. They disappeared as quickly as they appeared, gold blocks in hand!

This was followed by another performance by a group of dancers whose frenetic movements were entrancing. Their movements were fast and calculated and the clubgoers were fascinated.  Away from the dancefloor was an area covered with see-through curtains.  Behind the curtains was a group of women, moving seductively and in a perfect choreographed dance.

Life-like gargoyles projected onto the columns watched our every move.  Located in the heart of Old Montreal, La Voûte delivers from the moment you step through the doors of the former Royal Bank.  The club is sophisticated and fun, classy and stimulating, and promises to keep any secrets that you might create behind closed doors.
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