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We often overlook restaurants situated in hotels.  After all, if we’re not staying the hotel, why would we eat there?  Well, it just so happens that Montreal has plenty of top restaurants in hotels and one such place is La Société Bistro in the Loews Vogue Hotel on de la Montagne.

“Moulin Rouge: gin, strawberry simply syrup, lemon juice, Prosecco” 13$
“Marrakech Mimosa: Middle Eastern bitters, rose water, fresh pressed orange juice, Prosecco float” 13$

We started our brunch with cocktails, we tried he Moulin Rouge and the Marrakech Mimosa.  The Moulin Rouge was refreshing and clean tasting, more of a summer drink with the fresh strawberries and bubbly Prosecco. We loved the addition of lemon juice and gin in this cocktail. The Marrakech Mimosa was a spin on the classic brunch cocktail.  Using Middle Eastern bitters and rose water, it gave the cocktail both an earthy and floral taste.

“Belgian Waffle: corn syrup, fruits, sugar powder” 14$

The simplest of the dishes we tried was perhaps the least enticing.  While Belgian waffles are a classic brunch dish, ours were most likely either left too long to cook or left too long at the pass.  The flavour was good but they were served a little cold, and they were lacking the luster and fluffiness that we expect from Belgian waffles.

“Lobster Benedict: lobster, spinach, hollandaise, breakfast potatoes” 25$

We love eggs benedict so the lobster benedict caught our eye.  Served on bread instead of English muffins, there was a generous amount of lobster on each slice.  In fact, we were pleasantly surprised and happy with the large pieces of lobster.  The spinach added some colour and earthiness, and the hollandaise seemed to have put under the broiler, as it was the usual runny sauce that drapes over eggs benedict. The breakfast potatoes were delicious and very well seasoned.

“Olive and Parmesan cake: shaved vegetable salad, aioli” 22$

By far, the olive and parmesan cake at La Société was our favourite dish.  Not sure what to expect, we were served a generous slice of olive bread that was topped with a lovely shaved salad.  The salad was comprised of shaved yellow zucchini, caper berries, cherry tomatoes, spinach, and more.  The acidity was offset by the saltiness of the olive bread; very well balanced.  We would have loved some parmesan shavings on top, as we didn’t feel like there was enough parmesan.

Special of the day: Frittata with Fish

We also had the special of the day which was a frittata topped with a generous amount of fish which included mackerel, smoked salmon and skate.  The smoked salmon added a nice subtle hint of smoke, the skate had a mild and sweet flavour, and the mackerel added a touch of natural oiliness.

“Latte” 5$

Just because we live in the city doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t check out a hotel restaurant.  They aren’t just for tourists.  La Société offers a French bistro brunch in a Parisian atmosphere!

Our Rating: As Expected
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