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sorry we-re closedThe most anticipated restaurant opening this summer was Kyozon restaurant on Crescent Street in downtown Montreal. As a general, rule the Divas avoid Crescent Street, known for its tourist traps and mediocrity, it is not the home of Montreal’s best restaurants. But Kyozon did it right, the hype surrounding the event had us eager to go all summer long. Pictures of the construction of the two floor restaurant and bar were everywhere on social media, and it seemed like every blogger and foodie was awaiting the opening.

Kyozon, Montreal - AerialThankfully we weren’t on vacation when the restaurant opened, knowing the official media launch party was going to be divine and we were quite eager to attend. The Divas went with Sweet Pea who is now editor in chief of, those wonderful guys from Day Jobs and the Nightlife, P’tit Soeur who tagged along and told everyone that she works in PR (liar!), the Artist and Rambo, known for her fabulous photography. The restaurant is a gorgeous construction of two floors, with the second floor overlooking the first via its balcony over the bar. We ran into more friends and started tasting the food, and, of course, drinking!

Kyozon, Montreal - DJ & Fortune CookieDJ Abeille was spinning great music and everyone was quickly put in the mood. The style of the restaurant reminded the Divas of a trendy Meatpacking New York City restaurant. We were offered lime green sour martini cocktails, and they remained flowing all night long. We were feeling pretty good and loved the attention to detail such as the blueberry fortune cookies that were given to us on our way out, albeit with some cheesy fortunes.

“Pad Thai, Chicken” 11$

“Pad Thai, Chicken” 11$

Canapé trays went by frequently; the Pad Thai came in cute little Chinese takeout boxes with chopsticks. You have the choice of chicken, shrimp or vegetable Pad Thai at Kyozon but we were served chicken and it was very good. Edamame beans were on different tables at the bar so Sweet Pea was going crazy with happiness; she has deep affection for edamame beans. Little wonton dumplings were also passed around in bamboo trays, warm from the kitchen. It was a successful and well organized restaurant opening.

“Vegetable spring rolls, tamarind sauce” 3.50$

“Vegetable spring rolls, tamarind sauce” 3.50$

The bar was busy and the spring rolls were delightful. Vegetable spring rolls with tamarind sauce were devoured quickly, as well as another crispy roll of sorts. We made our way around the first floor, running into people, taking photos and enjoying the atmosphere. Perhaps Kyozon is not the most authentic Asian inspired restaurant in Montreal but it has a fabulous vibe and is definitely a great place for a night on the town. The pork belly steamed buns with a shallot sauce were also quite fun, alas we did not take a photo of them because we were too busy stuffing our faces!

Kyozon, Montreal - Conveyor BeltAs we made our way to the second floor, it was hard not to notice the large conveyor belt on one side of the restaurant also known as the kaiten belt. People sat around it and nabbed little dishes with maki rolls. The sushi was fresh, although the makis lacked in originality, but from what we have seen of their menu they do have some more interesting options. On their menu they even have combinations of maki that are different than the usual California and Kamikaze rolls that seem to appear on every Montreal sushi menu.

Kyozon, Montreal - SushiThe most dramatic part of the night was when two waiters would go by holding a massive wooden tray of sushi. People would flock around it to try the different sushi and it was very intense. Kyozon definitely has a flair for the dramatic. Other canapés that we tried but were too hungry to photograph included the calamari served with a sweet chilli sauce which was decent, the chicken satay skewers with peanut sauce which were delish, and the Thai basil fried beef skewers which were lovely.

“Tiger prawns” 7$ “Popcorn Shrimp, Sriracha cream 8 Miso soup, tofu, scallion, seaweed, mushroom” 4.50$

“Tiger prawns” 7$
“Popcorn Shrimp, Sriracha cream 8 Miso soup, tofu, scallion, seaweed, mushroom” 4.50$

The shrimp tempura was a winner in our books, the tiger prawns were large and the fried tempura was light. The popcorn shrimp were also fun, but the tiger prawns were superior. Kyozon has a small plates menu meaning that dishes like the popcorn shrimp are not very large but meant for sharing around a table. The idea is that you can try many different dishes and have tons of variety because there is not tons of food per plate. The Divas love variety!

Kyozon, Montreal - BarOpen until 3 am on Thursdays to Saturdays, we predict that Kyozon will quickly become a trendy Montreal hot spot in the Golden Square Mile. Perhaps this is what Crescent Street needs to move foodies and night time wanderers from Old Montreal back Downtown. The Divas are certainly looking forward to returning incognito and eating at Kyozon. But even if you’re not in the mood for dinner, we know that this place will be popular with the 5 à 7 crowd in the downtown area. The Divas certainly had a fabulous night!

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  1. Dahlia September 24, 2014 at 12:08 pm Reply

    I had a great time with you girls! Here’s to more fabulous events!

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