Kyo Bar Japonais, Eat in Eat Out Magazine, Fall 2013 Issue

2013 was a lovely year for the Divas – we attended our first restaurant opening, several  menu launches and other food events, ended up on Global Montreal Foodie Fridays a few times, we were filmed for the Food Network Canada’s Eat St. series at two food trucks, and generally it was a whirlwind of cocktails, dinner, food events, tastings and good times with the Divas and their friends. Our bank accounts are depleted and our pants are probably a little snugger than in 2012, but it was all worth it! We climbed the rankings of Urbanspoon, saw our monthly hits go up and more importantly, we had a hell of a time going out and writing about it in the morning.

Our first food event was at Kyo Bar Japonais and we did it right.  We attended the opening event but only after we had already gone to the restaurant, incognito, to ensure that our opinion of the restaurant during the event, held up on a regular night. See Sensei, we do some things right!!!! When we were asked to write an article on a Montreal restaurant for Eat in Eat Out Magazine we were both surprised and pleased. Naturally we chose to rewrite our long post on Kyo Bar Japonais since it incorporated our first food event, an amazing Japanese meal and the abuse of Mr. Wonderful and our dear majestic Sensei. Both were traumatized that night, but for completely different reasons. Unfortunately, some things are not PG13 enough to write about 😉

Montreal Food Divas, Kyo Bar Japonais, Eat in Eat Out Magazine, Fall 2013 Issue Click HERE to read our Eat in Eat out magazine article on Kyo Bar Japonais

So we can add being published in a magazine on our list of accomplishments in 2013; it will be hard to beat such a fabulous year! We returned to Kyo Bar Japonais for Happening Gourmand 2014, and we are happy to say that their standards haven’t changed and that we enjoyed another marvelous meal. Thank you for the support dear readers, without you we wouldn’t be having such a wonderful time eating, drinking and writing about it in the morning. After all, we do it so that everyone reads about it! And it is Always on Thursdays …

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