Trends come and go and most recently, the trend du jour happens to be a Hawaiian staple known as poke.  There are poke restaurants popping up all over Montreal and while we’ve never been to the Big Island to taste it from the source, we think the poke bowls at Kamehameha, are pretty delicious!

Located in the Village on St Catherine East, Kamehameha is a feast for the eyes with its bright colours.  We attended the opening media event and got to try a few bites from their menu.  Spam is very popular in Hawaii so it’s only natural to have spam musabi, essentially, spam sushi.  A generous piece of grilled, marinated spam is on top of sticky sushi rice with a slice of avocado, and while this might not sound like your ideal bite, trust us, it’s good!

“Spam Musubi: Original / teriyaki / tomago / avocado / shiso” 3$

The Moana and the Lilo can be ordered as either a smoothie or a smoothie bowl depending on your mood.  Both are filled with copious amounts of healthy ingredients but are still delicious and, of course, look beautiful as well.  The Moana is made with acai, bananas, almond butter, cacao and matcha.  And the Lilo is made with dates, blueberries, bananas and coconut water.  We found the Moana to be the lighter of the two as the Lilo is more filling with dates as its base.

“Moana: Acaï, banana, almond butter, cacao, matcha, almond milk” Bowl 9$ Smoothie 6$

“Lilo: Date, blueberry, banana, coconut water, lime juice” Bowl 9$ Smoothie 6$

The Waikiki made with maguro red tuna was delicious.  A simple dish, no ingredient overpowered another, and the tuna was very fresh with a deep ruby red colour.  It was complimented by the bright green edamame, some onion for bite, as well as thinly sliced radish for crunch, green onion for a mild onion flavour, and wakame for some hints of sweetness.

“Waikiki: Maguro red tuna, onion, edamame, sesame, wakame, avocado, red radish, nori, green onion” Poke 6$ Low Tide 9$ High Tide 13$

The Waimanalo is colourful and tasty, with watermelon, mango, edamame, avocado, radish and cucumber.  This vegan dish had a lot more texture going on with the smooth avocado and crunchy and refreshing watermelon.  There was a nice balance of fruit and vegetable in this dish and we loved it, perfect for a hot summer day!

“Waimanalo: Watermelon, green onion, mango, edamame, red radish, avocado, nori, cucumber, sesame” Poke 6$ Low Tide 9$ High Tide 13$

One of the desserts we tried were the malasadas, Portuguese fried balls of goodness!  Malasads are in essence Portuguese donuts, without the hole in the middle and covered in sugar.  They were filled with chocolate, custard or a lemon custard and despite the substantial size of the malasadas, we managed to finish them without sharing, though we were covered in sugar!

“Malasadas: Haupia / chocolate / original / custard” 2.75$

One of the highlights of Kamehameha is their soft serve ice cream.  But it’s not just any soft serve, it’s Instagram heaven!  The soft waffle cones are in the shape of koi fish and filled with unique flavour combinations like coconut lime and pineapple sorbet, and our favourite, raspberry ice cream made from Quebec raspberries and Hawaiian vanilla ice cream.  The flavours were refreshing and a great way to end our night. They even added some Nutella at the base of your cone before pilling on the soft serve so that your last bites of waffle cone were with Nutella.

“Le Big Island: Raspberry ice cream from Quebec & Hawaiian vanilla ice cream swirl”

Kamehameha may be joining the ranks of Montreal’s Hawaiian inspired restaurants but it will set itself apart with its various Hawaiian snacks (this place isn’t just about poke bowls), its soft serve, and its almost kitschy décor of palm trees and pastel coloured walls and wicker furniture.  A true haven for Instagrammers, the food will also have people coming back for healthy and delicious dishes.

Our Rating: Splendid

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