Impasto II

Impasto, you’re marvelous! We first reviewed Impasto in 2013, we popped in a few more times over the years, and we’ve never been disappointed. With Michele Forgione and Stefano Faita at its helm, Impasto always impresses, and it’s the perfect mix of classic Italian with a modern flair.  On this visit, Diva #1 was excitedly introducing Senior Diva and Aunty to Impasto for the first time!

“Burratina, oyster mushrooms, white anchovy, pangrattato” 22$

We started with the burratina, the cheese was perfectly creamy, the portion generous and the pool of olive oil and balsamic vinegar a perfect addition. Oyster mushrooms with white anchovies added to the flavours of the dish, and pangrattato (italian bread crumbs) added the right amount of crunch. We regret not ordering Impasto’s famous charcuterie platter alongside this, as all their cured meats are made in house and they are absolutely divine, but not ordering it gives us an excuse to return to Impasto soon!

“Marinated octopus, white bean purée, grilled lemon, herbs” 21$

The marinated octopus that was grilled to perfection and perfectly lemony was another favourite appetizer that we’ve enjoyed in different ways at Impasto. The tentacle was thick, not too chewy at all, and this time it was served with a white bean purée that was creamy and a nice contrast to the grilled octopus.

“Tortellini stuffed with braised beef, horseradish, bone marrow butter” 19$ / 33$

The pièce de resistance was without a doubt the tortellini, stuffed in house with braised beef and horseradish in a bone marrow butter au jus sauce, we’re salivating just thinking about it. The braised beef was cooked to perfection, and nothing spilled out of these perfectly folded tortellini. The bone marrow butter au jus sauce was pure decadence, we used bread to wipe the plate clean because we couldn’t bear to leave anything behind.

“Ricotta cavatelli, lamb sausage, rapini” 18$ / 32$

We had fallen in love with their ricotta gnocchi in a tomato basil sauce on a previous visit, but this time the ricotta cavatelli with lamb sausage and rapini caught our eye. Both dishes are a must at Impasto, but the ricotta cavatelli with lamb sausage and rapini was a delicious treat. The sausage was full of flavour, cooked perfectly and removed from its casing, and the ricotta cavatelli melted in your mouth.

“Linguine, clams, shrimps, bottarga” 17$ / 29$

We were intrigued by the roasted piglet shoulder with rapini and roasted pears, but we were in a pasta mood so we promised ourselves that we would return to try this very soon. The linguine with clams, shrimps and bottarga was our least favourite of the pasta dishes that we tried. But that was only because we expected plumper shrimp, but other than that the sauce was delicious and the bottarga (Italian style fish roe) added a nice salty taste of the sea to the dish.

Impasto, at every visit, you always woo us and remind us why we love you! It’s no wonder that Michele Forgione and Stefano Faita have made quite a name for themselves that extends beyond Little Italy. If you haven’t been to Impasto, you’re seriously missing out!

Our Rating: Always on Thursdays
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