We weren’t planning on going out one Thursday – we had spent too much money lately, we were lacking sleep, and we had to start working harder on Fridays and not stroll into the office hung over and broken. But Vegan Vixen called Diva #1 and told her that this was her last free Thursday for at least a month.  She was given a promotion, but as far as the Divas are concerned, this new job is a curse because it employs her until 11:00pm from Wednesday to Sunday…. who the hell wants to go out on Mondays and Tuesdays? Those are our days to recover from 5 days of drinking.

Icehouse, MontrealSo Diva #1 texted the girls, Zeus and our Sensei.  Not all could make it but Whitey and Bellatrix joined Diva #1 and Vegan Vixen at Icehouse. Icehouse is a famous little tex-mex restaurant that fits around 20 people in the Plateau. The Divas had been there in our pre-blog days so we had yet to review it. This place is fabulous in the summer since the restaurant is half outside with just a roof for the rain. Heat lamps provide warmth for the spring and fall, and in the winter, the capacity of the restaurant is reduced by more than half! No reservations are taken at Ice House, just come in and get ready to get messy.

IcehouseIcehouse is filled with wooden picnic tables and other mismatched furniture, the kitchen is open, the menu is on a chalkboard and you eat off of cafeteria trays and brown paper covered tables. We were ready to get down and dirty. Diva #1 got there first and ordered a Bloody Caesar that came with a tall celery stick. Spicy and zesty, as it should be, she drank away awaiting the girls. She knew that once they came we would move on to their amazing pitchers of Bourbon Lemonade and we would drink all night.

Icehouse, Montreal - Bloody Caesar

This was the second time that we had been to a Mexican style restaurant with Whitey, she isn’t too bad for a girl with no ethnicity. Even though she doesn’t eat anything that has lived in the sea, mushrooms, spicy food, eggs, etc….we love her, but for some reason, she loves a good roasted goat.

Icehouse, Montreal - Bourbon LemonadeDiva #1 knew that she shouldn’t have a late night; Global Morning News wanted the Divas at their studio by 7:30 am the next day for an interview. Diva #1 barely makes it into work before 10am, she really isn’t a morning person and Diva #2, the early bird, was ready to beat her awake if necessary.  Our first few beer glasses of bourbon lemonade were drunk while toasting the Divas and their first stint on TV. Hooray for us! If Global Morning News wants us to continue blogging and making stories, they have to let us go out, eat and drink away our Thursday nights, those early Friday morning appearances are painful.

IcehouseChef Nick Hodge opened Icehouse, which is known for its Mexican and Texan fusion, and created a new Montreal landmark. Originally recommended to us by Sweet Pea, we always go there and have a good time. The bar/kitchen area is filled with hot sauces for anyone who wants to add an extra kick to their dish. Our only point of contention is that every time that we have come they have been under staffed with moody and unfriendly hipster waiters but if enough time passes, we are usually tipsy off of bourbon lemonade and too happy to care, although they should fix that problem.

“Nachos ‘toute garnies’ au crab” 20$

“Nachos ‘toute garnies’ au crab” 20$

Diva #1 and Bellatrix were craving guacamole and the table was arguing over which dip to get between the three choices.   The crab guacamole, but Whitey doesn’t eat crab, the 7 layer dip but Vegan Vixen doesn’t eat meat, or the Nachos ‘toute garnies’ with crab. The Divas hate dietary restrictions, but, feeling nothing but love for these girls, the nachos won. We had had it before and it was amazing.  Whitey could pick around the crab pieces and Vegan Vixen didn’t have to worry about any meat. Where was Sweet Pea who after more than 8 years of friendship with Diva #1 has learnt to shut up and put anything in her mouth?

The nachos at Icehouse are amazing, tons of fresh coriander, diced tomatoes and green onions, crab meat, melted cheese, black beans, creamy goodness, and a side of limes to add more freshness to the crisp tortilla chips. We liked them so much and the crab was so fresh that Diva #1 wanted to also order the crab stuffed jalapenos…. but we had already ordered so much, so it remains something to return for.

“Seaux Poulet Frit: servi avec salade de choux, salade patate fumés & biscuit de barbeurre” 18$

“Seaux Poulet Frit: servi avec salade de choux, salade patate fumés & biscuit de barbeurre” 18$

Icehouse was featured on You Gotta Eat Here and our friend Ms. Garde Manger was filmed there, and is now a Food Network star for being interviewed while eating their bucket of deep fried chicken. Bellatrix had warned me during the day that she was PMS-ing and if she wasn’t getting that bucket o’ deep fried chicken, well Whitey was finally going to see why we call her Bellatrix, the death eater. The crispy bucket of deep fried chicken came with coleslaw, smoked potato salad and a buttermilk biscuit.

Deep Fried Chicken Taco

Deep Fried Chicken Taco

Whitey who had lived in the southern US was happy with the deep fried chicken but wasn’t wowed. Bellatrix and Diva #1 enjoyed it but some saltiness was missing. It was tasty and crispy, but not mind blowing. But fret not! Though the deep fried chicken didn’t excite u,s we were completely wowed by the deep fried chicken taco with cheese, coriander, radishes and a sour cream based sauce. Just drizzle on some hot sauce and you have yourself one hell of a taco! Icehouse also offers chicken wings, and a bucket of pork ribs in a Dr. Pepper BBQ baste, but we have yet to try this bucket of meat.

“Taco: Crevettes ‘jerk,’ chutney d’ananas, crème sure” 10$ “Taco: Mahi-Mahi, ‘Baja,’ salade verde” 8$

“Taco: Crevettes ‘jerk,’ chutney d’ananas, crème sure” 10$
“Taco: Mahi-Mahi, ‘Baja,’ salade verde” 8$

Vegan Vixen watched us in disgust while we ate up the chicken. We were feeling loving towards her, since it was her last Thursday for a month, so we decided to order seafood tacos that she could eat. At this point, Whitey left to play good housewife.   She had neglected her husband for too many night outs and drinking binges that if she didn’t get home early tonight she would find that her keys didn’t fit in the lock and her clothes on the lawn. The tacos come two per order, the jerk seasoned shrimp with a pineapple chutney and sour cream was delicious. A little spicy but creamy, this was a lovely taco. The baja mahi-mahi tacos with salsa were a favourite, not too fishy and very tasty. We love their tacos, each one tastes so different.

Bourbon Lemonade & Pulled Pork Taco

Bourbon Lemonade & Pulled Pork Taco

On a previous visit we had had the pulled pork taco with pickled watermelon and coriander, this one is definitely a Diva favourite. Plenty of zesty pulled pork with sweet pickled watermelon just made for a great combination in your mouth. This taco and the deep fried chicken taco that we gushed about just above, tare definitely our favourites! At this point we had moved on to our second pitcher of bourbon lemonade, ordering pitchers of this is part of the Icehouse tex-mex experience.

“Steak grillé, poblanos rôtis, oignons grillés, sauce fromage” 11$

“Steak grillé, poblanos rôtis, oignons grillés, sauce fromage” 11$

Bellatrix was obsessed with eating what she had seen You Gotta Eat Here’s Icehouse episode. So she ordered the grilled steak burrito with roasted poblanos, grilled onions and a cheese sauce. It was so delicious, cheesy and the steak was perfectly charred. We were so full that we couldn’t finish it but we loved it so much. It was a massive burrito and well priced for what you got.

Other delicious burritos include the lobster burrito with corn, pico de gallo, Old Bay chips and jack. We have had this on other visits and love it, the amount of lobster is generous and the mix of flavours outstanding. We also want to return for the lobster roll.   There is a lot of variety for such a small restaurant and whether you are craving BBQ or mexicali eats, you” find something at Icehouse.

Mayflower Point Oysters

Mayflower Point Oysters

Our Sensei texted us that he was on his way, we like to pretend that he wanted to congratulate us for making it onto the Global Morning News but really he wanted to provide us with a list of what not to do:

  • Don’t mention me by name, he would like to remain an anonymous blogger and we already disclosed his sex on twitter, facebook and our blog, oops….
  • Don’t swear or say inappropriate things (this was mainly a warning for Diva #1)
  • And his favourite piece of advice: BEHAVE

We love him so much! Vegan Vixen and Diva #1 had a ½ dozen oysters to celebrate  the Divas’ successes but sadly Icehouse did not impress us here, the oysters had a weird aftertaste and usually we order oysters in the three dozen range for four people. Too bad, it may have just been an off night.

Berries & Cream Mississippi Mud Pie

Berries & Cream
Mississippi Mud Pie

We ordered dessert with our darling Sensei, we decided to share the Mississippi mud pie, and the berries and cream. The mud pie was chocolaty and yummy, and the berries fresh and the perfect accompaniment to the rich pie. But nothing out of this world. Diva #1 kissed her Sensei’s head, and gave him lots of love; after all, we wouldn’t have a blog without him. Too bad he didn’t get to meet Whitey, he is always saddened when we add more women to our lunatic group… it just means more trouble for him.

Icehouse is a fabulous place for a fun bite to eat and great cocktails. It is not too pricey, a casual environment and lots of fun. Just be careful, Diva#1 once went on those over 30 degrees Montreal summer days and they don’t use air conditioning since it is half outside… we almost died, 2 people drank two pitchers of bourbon lemonade and never got drunk because we sweated it out instantly. Gotta love summer in Montreal!


Our Rating: Splendid
Icehouse on Urbanspoon

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Comments: 6

  1. Sweet Pea October 3, 2013 at 9:28 am Reply

    Was Vegan Vixen aware that the nachos also contain chicken skin?? It is a delicious addition, but I hope she realized she had to eat around it… Poor Vegan Vixen, she always manages to get strange meat in her mouth ;).

    Also, the Divas should have tried the deep fried apple pie at Icehouse! It is delicious.

    Great review, girls!

    • Food Divas October 3, 2013 at 9:48 am Reply

      HAHAHAHAHAHA they have chicken skin? LOL poor poor Vegan Vixen, this is becoming a cruel joke. Sadly they didn’t have the deep fried apple pie on the menu, we have had it before and absolutely love it!

  2. […] favourite BBQ joints included Icehouse with their tex-mex flair; you can order a bucket of deep fried chicken or make it Mexicali and […]

  3. Elisabeth September 4, 2014 at 4:20 pm Reply

    Hands down the most disappointing restaurant/bar experience I have had in Montreal. Icehouse is over priced, the food and beverages are beyond underwhelming, and their customer service is yet to be discovered.

    We ordered a pitcher of Bourbon Iced Tea. As our waitress walked the five steps from the bar to our table I witnessed a fifth of the beverage wash over the floor. I requested a replenish, which the waitress agreed to and then never returned for. As my boyfriend and I finished our pitcher, we soberly asked each other if perhaps the bar forgot to add bourbon to our 40$ pitcher.

    It is necessary to order food at Icehouse if you are looking to get a drink, as it does not have the licence to sell alcohol alone. We ordered tacos, 8$ for a half appetizer portion composed of the most basic, at home mexican cuisine since taco bell.

    The highlight of our experience at Icehouse was our waitress forgetting to bring a friend her 40$ pitcher after ordering it three different times. I am extremely happy only one of us had to dish out 40$ for a single shot of Bourbon.

    Leaving an 8% tip for our invisible waitress was the most regretful act I have made this entire summer.

    Montreal is filled with small, non-franchised resto-gems. Here are some pleasing alternatives found in the same neighbourhood as Icehouse:
    Else’s (156 Roy Est), Dieu du Ciel (29 av Laurier Ouest), Big In Japan (4175 Boulevard Saint-Laurent), Réservoir (9 Rue Duluth Est)

  4. […] fried southern chicken sandwich in between a buttermilk biscuit, the grilled steak burrito from Icehouse, and the scrumptious lobster roll from Le Local’s summer menu (hint hint Le Local, bring it […]

  5. Gracye January 26, 2015 at 4:26 am Reply

    That’s an ingeuions way of thinking about it.

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