Henden with a dash of Le Bird Bar

There is a little secret clucking underneath Le Bird Bar, and that little speakeasy is Henden. The newest trend in Montreal is the speakeasy, secret little bars with no signs, that few people talk about, and you need to know is there or you’ll never find. That was definitely the story with Henden, tucked away by Montreal’s new fried chicken restaurant, Le Bird Bar.

Gorgeous waitresses and barmaids in the sexiest bustiers serve you cocktails and in our case, during their opening event, oysters and blini with caviar. Henden is really a den, with couches and only a few tables decorating the tiny interior. Gone are the days of prohibition when a speakeasy served inferior illegal alcohol in basements all over North America. Now a Montreal speakeasy serves only the best cocktails, in a sexy atmosphere, and Henden is no exception.

Feeling fabulous, the caviar station was wonderful with tiny little blini piled high with egg whites, crème fraiche, chives and, don’t forget, a generous amount of caviar. Blini is a traditionally thin pancake that is often served with caviar and other garnishes. At Henden, during their opening event, they piled each blini with Calvisuis Caviar, and we couldn’t get enough.

But enough about the caviar, Henden is all about the cocktails. The two signature cocktails of the evening were the Chicklet and the Rooster, like good hens, we fell in love with the Rooster. We don’t even like brown liquor and somehow we found ourselves running back to the bar and enjoying more and more of this dark cocktail with blackberries and chocolate bitters.

Chicklet & Rooster Cocktails

The night wore on and the tiny bar filled up, the oysters were flowing and we tried other bites from Le Bird Bar like their popcorn chicken and mini tacos. We were told that Le Bird Bar’s late night menu will soon be available at Henden for people feeling a little peckish in between cocktails. The few canapés that we tried were delicious, particularly the popcorn chicken; these guys know their fried chicken.

We don’t think we’ve ever eaten so many blinis in one sitting, the staff was beyond friendly, talking to everyone and urging us to keep enjoying the caviar and oysters. Diva #1 even had one oyster topped with Calvisuis Caviar, that’s the type of opulence that we adore – very Diva-esque! It’s easy to make caviar and oysters look rich, but these guys managed to do that with fried chicken.

Blini Canapés with Caviar & Oysters

If you want our advice (and who doesn’t?) start your evening at Le Bird Bar, trust us they don’t just make a half decent fried chicken. They experimented with various batters, frying in different oil and breading to bring you the best fried chicken. They serve fun side dishes and various sauces to enjoy with your chicken.

Le Bird Bar – Crispy Fried Chicken with Bacon Sandwich

We tried their sandwich of delicious and crispy fried chicken with bacon, lettuce and mayo.  We had more than one, just to make sure they were good, and were they ever!  We can’t wait to go back to try more of their fried chicken and their different sauces.  As you know, we have a thing for pogos so when we saw mini pogos being passed around we were happy!

Le Bird Bar – Charcuterie

Their charcuterie spread was filled with cured meats, crusty grilled bread, pickles, jars of salad and their famous fried chicken which was perfect during their media event. And of course, when you are done dining at Le Bird Bar, shimmy downstairs to Henden, with a seating capacity of 25 and a tight standing capacity of 45. They aren’t letting just anyone in… and that’s just the way we like it!

Henden is advertised as a playboy themed bar, think Heffner’s mansion in its heyday during the 1970s. The sexy lingerie clad barmaids and waitresses certainly give it that allure. With currently no social media presence, Henden is a true speakeasy, hidden behind Le Bird Bar, with only word of mouth telling you all about it. But don’t take our word for it… check it out for yourselves!

Our Rating: Splendid

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