Global Montreal’s Foodie Friday with Camille Ross: Comfort Foods

Winter in Montreal is gruelling – it’s cold, it’s icy, our cars take a while to start, and you always have those friends who hibernate during the cold winter months. The Divas are all about enjoying winter, and for some that may mean skiing and hockey… but that really isn’t our thing. For the Montreal Food Divas, it means enjoying those hearty winter dishes that warm the soul during the cold winter months. In the end, it’s always about food! The winter isn’t about tartare and oysters, although we can always go for a few dozen oysters, but about mac n’ cheese, poutine and stews. Global Montreal invited us back onto their Foodie Friday with Camille Ross to talk about comfort foods to get you through those winter months.

Of course because we’re Divas we opted for comfort foods with fabulous flair. We chatted with Camille Ross about M: Brgr and their decadent foie gras burger, rich and excessive, which is right up our alley. Deville Dinerbar has amazing southern fried buttermilk chicken crispers on a toasted Belgian waffle with maple butter syrup – does anything more need to be said? Tavern on the Square in Westmount doesn’t get enough love, they have a creamy mac n’ cheese with pancetta, black truffle purée and atypical cheeses like comté, victor & berfold and mascarpone. This is a far cry from Kraft dinner. L’Express is a Montreal institution, we love their croque monsieur and French onion soup, perfect with lots of wine. Our favourite comfort food in this bistro is actually their escargots Bourgogne, which sneaks onto their daily specials every now and then. Sadly Global Montreal was unable to put up our photo of this mouth-watering dish but we have it here!

Special of the Night: Escargot de Bourgogne

Special of the Night: Escargot de Bourgogne

Since we are in la belle province, we included a poutine, but in true diva-esque fashion Le Hachoir’s poutine is a duck confit poutine with mushrooms and tomme de Grosse-Île cheese. Even their gravy tastes like an au jus sauce to serve with a nice cut of meat, not your typical poutine gravy! Last but certainly not least, we gave lots of love to Hostaria, their pappardelle with boar ragu will keep you warm and full during the coldest of days, we only have love for this fine Italian restaurant. Montrealers are hearty! What are your favourite comfort foods that fuel you through the winter?


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  1. Dahlia February 6, 2015 at 12:17 pm Reply

    This post makes me feel all warm inside (and hungry, very hungry).

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