Global Montreal’s Foodie Friday with Camille Ross: 36 Hours in Montreal

It’s no surprise that the Divas are opinionated and we’re not afraid to let it be known. The New York Times came out with “36 Hours in Montreal,” it advised their readers on how best to spend 36 hours in our beautiful city. Everyone was talking about it and posting it on their social media; Montreal was getting some love from a big time newspaper.

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Unfortunately, after reading it, the Divas weren’t impressed. In fact, some suggestions made by the article, which you can read HERE, kept us up at night. We wrote our own version of how we think you should spend 36 hours in Montreal, “36 Hours in Montreal: a Response to the NY Times.” It got so much love that Global Montreal invited us on live television for Foodie Friday with Camille Ross, they agree with our opinion and wanted to chat about it.

You can read our version on how to spend 36 hours in Montreal HERE, whether it’s your first visit or not. Try the Underground City for shopping for whatever your heart desires, or enjoy the best coffee in the city at Café Olimpico, and right across the street you can indulge in a classic Montreal bagel at the famous St-Viateur Bagel.

You want to have dinner and an experience in Montreal? Try the incomparable Restaurant L’Express, a classic French bistro serving great steak tartare, and their delicious veal stuffed ravioli! Or try the venerable Buonanotte on St. Laurent Blvd, a true classic on the Main, with fantastic food, an impressive wine list, and an even better after party.

And why not end your night with fabulous cocktails at Big in Japan Bar or Le Mal Necessaire before heading to Schwartz’s and standing in line with Montrealers for a late night smoke meat sandwich. Trust us, if you spend 36 hours in Montreal according to the Montreal Food Divas, you’ll be itching to come back for more!

Schwartz’s Deli

Schwartz’s Deli



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