Food Bloggers of Canada: Where to Splurge on a Fabulous Dinner in Montreal!

The Food Bloggers of Canada asked the Divas to participate in Restaurant Roundup by telling our readers which restaurants are worth splurging on in Montreal. Let’s face it, no one wants to waste their hard earned money on an expensive night out that ends up being a bust. The Divas love food and we don’t look at the price when we order but it has to be worth it in the end, and trust us, we’ve been to restaurants that ended up being a waste of money. But fret not dear readers! We don’t want you to go through that angst! Instead we teamed up with the Food Bloggers of Canada and made a short list of restaurants worth spending that extra buck on. All you need to decide is who to bring on your special night out… but that’s up to you 😉

Food Bloggers of Canada, Restaurant Roundup,Where to Splurge on a Fabulous Dinner in Montreal

Click HERE to read all about the fabulous dishes that we ate at Au Pied De Cochon and Le Filet in the Plateau, and Park in Westmount. Au Pied De Cochon is what is known as Quebecois cuisine with tons of French influence. Martin Picard is the genius behind this restaurant and he never ceases to impress us with his fabulous dishes. Le Filet is a French restaurant that specializes in small plates which is fun because you get to try a little bit of everything. And trust us, you’ll want to eat everything on their menu! Park on the other hand is a little bit of heaven, a Japanese raw inspired menu that has Argentinian influences, amongst others. Chef Antonio Park, the genius behind Park, will wow you with his dishes.

As Montrealers, we are spoiled rotten with some amazing restaurants but it helps to know where to go. A night on the town is a splurge and we just want to make sure that you invest in the right restaurants 😉


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    Congrats, ladies!

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