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As 2015 comes to a close, we wanted to recap what we wrote for the Food Bloggers of Canada this year. In May they asked us to participate in their “Where to Eat this Weekend: Montreal Edition” – and we had a hard time choosing our favourite spots. You can read about them HERE.

In this guide they wanted us to choose our favourite brunch/lunch spots so we wrote about Brasserie Bernard for their black pudding, egg and cheddar sandwich with caramelized onions on fig bread. This is a bit of paradise in your mouth! We also gushed about La Récolte Espace Local for all the market fresh goodies off their chalkboard menu, amongst other brunch / lunch spots.

La Récolte Espace Local

La Récolte Espace Local

For dinner we gave a lot of love to Tripes & Caviar, this Verdun restaurant is heavy on innards and rare delicacies. If you’re like us, you may want something different when spending a weekend in Montreal. But since we’re in Montreal, a weekend of eating would not be complete without something French, bien oui! For something new try Le Serpent for modern French cuisine that’s filled with complex dishes. For something old, or more traditional, try L’Express, a Parisian bistro filled with classics like steak tartare, croque monsieur, etc. It all depends on what you love!

Tripes & Caviar

Tripes & Caviar

Montreal is about more than lengthy sit down dinners, sometimes you need a gourmet late night bite, for that we would go to Le Chien Fumant since their kitchen is open until 2 am. As for cocktails, since it isn’t always about the food, we are in love with Big in Japan Bar. You can read about our love for these spots, amongst others, in our article via Food Bloggers of Canada: “Where to Eat this Weekend: Montreal Edition,” just click HERE already!

Restaurant Roundup, Montreal Seafood Restaurants, Mtl Food Divas, Food Bloggers of CanadaThey must have thought we were adorable because in September we told our readers over at the Food Bloggers of Canada where to go for seafood in Montreal. We’re helpful like that! Click HERE to read all about it! Our favourites included Lucille’s Oyster Dive and their sister restaurant Brasserie Lucille’s for their fresh seafood platter, seafood Bloody Caesar and Montreal’s best lobster rolls. Other Diva favourites include La Boîte aux Huîtres in the Jean Talon Market that is there to satisfy all of your oyster needs, and Park and Jun-I for sushi.



Our list of seafood restaurants is lengthy, click HERE to see all of our picks and read about why we love them so much. We hope that in 2016 we write more Diva approved Montreal restaurant guides for the Food Bloggers of Canada, amongst other media outlets. We happen to think that our opinion is superior 😉


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