Flyjin’s Gold Event

We don’t know about you but Flyjin has held a special place in our hearts since it first opened. In a city where clubs open and close regularly, and the flavour of the season is the newest and hottest club, Flyjin has stayed busy and fabulous since the day they first opened. It’s so busy that sometimes we give up trying to get in because they’re always at capacity!

Located in a opulently decorated basement, our heart still skips a beat when we go down the stairs and through that tight hallway into  Flyjin. But Flyjin is much more than a club, it’s also a delicious Japanese izakaya and cocktail bar. Their Gold Event on Thursdays will showcase just that, with a menu prepared by Chef Antonio Park, and cocktails made by a different mixologist every Thursday night.

Supper clubs usually leave a foul taste in our mouths because they tend to promise mediocre food in an obnoxious environment. This is not the case at Flyjin, where the Asian inspired cuisine is delicious, all in a perfect atmosphere that sets a sexy tone for the night ahead. Although it seems like we’re gushing, we assure you that Flyjin lives up to its reputation.

Flyjin isn’t where you go for a 5 à 7 after work; go home, dress up, feel sexy and arrive at 7pm or later, which is when they open their doors. We love that they host an older crowd, with most people in their thirties, something refreshing from the usual bottle poppin’ crowd in their early 20s that we see polluting Montreal clubs. Oops! Perhaps we’re giving away our age ?

Salmon Tartare

Antonio Park’s Asian fusion menu is mouth watering, and on our Thursday Gold Event visit we fell in love with the salmon tartare and pork dumplings. On previous visits we were in love with their maki sushi, and their mouth-watering miso black cod. With unique cocktails, sake, premium alcohol, and an impressive wine list and plethora of Japanese beers, it makes for a sophisticated dining experience.


Flyjin is both stylish and trendy, but like all the best places, it’s not the easiest to get into without a reservation. So we suggest that you go for dinner, trust us you’ll love it, and stick around for some cocktails, get a little boozy and enjoy a fabulous late night in Montreal’s hottest underground club, surrounded in gold. And don’t forget to go to Flyjin on a Thursday for their Gold event!

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