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It’s not very often that a restaurant will capture our attention at a media event but Doca surprised us. From the décor to the food, they caught our attention! We have a simple philosophy; we don’t rate events that serve canapés. Most of the time the canapés aren’t even available as dishes on their menu and we’ve eaten enough tartare and oysters at events to last us a lifetime! But Doca stood apart from the rest.

Doca, Montreal Restaurant - BarLocated on the corner of Wellington and Peel in Griffintown, Doca exudes style and charm with a sense of cool with its purple motif, dark wood, glass enclosed wine cellar and velvet accent chairs. The restaurant is surrounded by windows, which lets in plenty of light to admire the modern design.

Doca, Montreal Restaurant - Scallops, Shrimp & Crab

Fresh scallops with strawberries & mint, crab legs and jumbo shrimp

We started the night with champagne before switching to wine. We headed to the seafood bar which was overflowing with plump shrimp, sweet crab claws, and more. Our favourite of the seafood were the fresh scallops. This is not a dish that you see often at events or on menus in general! We loved Doca’s delicious raw scallops, served on a shell, and topped with diced strawberries and mint. Brilliant and refreshing!

Doca, Montreal Restaurant - Open KitchenThe open kitchen when you walk into Doca meant that we kept peaking inside to see the chefs hard at work. Food was spilling out of the kitchen, everything was plated perfectly and we felt absolutely fabulous at Doca restaurant.

Doca, Montreal Restaurant - Oysters & Scallops

Oysters and fresh scallops with strawberries & mint

Of course all successful events have a shucking station with plenty of fresh oysters. If you know anything about the Divas you know about our affinity for these fabulous little bivalves and we quickly befriended the shuckers at Doca. Served with a caramelized onion mignonette and lemon wedges, it’s safe to say we ate our weight in our favourite bivalves.

Doca, Montreal Restaurant - Calamari Salad

Seafood salad with calamari, mussels, chickpeas and bell peppers

Chefs François Laurin, Victor Batista & Victor Dias turned out winner after winner of unique canapés. The seafood salad was filled with calamari rings and tentacles, mussels, chickpeas and bell peppers with plenty of fresh herbs. A fresh, cool salad that tasted like summer!

Doca, Montreal Restaurant - Octopus

Grilled Octopus, sweet cherry tomato and Kalamata olive skewers

Another delicious treat was the skewer of grilled octopus, which also appears on their menu but with a cauliflower purée, chorizo and confit peppers. At Doca’s opening event, the skewer of grilled octopus was served with a grilled sweet cherry tomato and salty Kalamata olive. So very satisfying and bursting with flavour!

Doca, Montreal Restaurant - Beef Tartare

Beef Tartare

Can we ever say no to tartare? The beef tartare was piled on a crisp piece of baguette and topped with a slice of truffle peach for crunch. Seasoned well, the beef tartare was delicious and the truffle peach added a textural element and unique flavour. The attention to detail really set Doca’s event apart from the many others that we have attended.

“Mushroom Risotto: with seasonal mushrooms, parmesan shavings, rucola and truffle oil”

“Mushroom Risotto: with seasonal mushrooms, parmesan shavings, rucola and truffle oil”

And then we fell blissfully in love! Love came in the form of the tapas bowls filled with mushroom risotto! Made with porcini mushrooms, although the mushrooms will depend on the season, and truffle oil, the risotto was cooked perfectly al dente and topped with a shard of salty Parmesan cheese. The truffle oil flavour was very pronounced, the mushrooms earthy and we couldn’t eat enough of it! This dish is one of their mains on their actual menu and we urge you to try it at Doca.

Scallop & Mango Ceviche

Scallop & Mango Ceviche

A scallop and mango ceviche on a baguette crisp was also being passed around. Again, a fresh bite of seafood with a hint of the tropics, Doca was definitely showing off their skills with seafood! This made us eager to try the seared scallops and grilled shrimp on their dinner menu.

Shrimp with pineapple salsa

Shrimp with pineapple salsa

We also tried the shrimp skewer with a pineapple salsa. The shrimp was tender, it was quite large, and there was a very subtle hint of spiciness that was the perfect balance with the sweet pineapple. Fresh greens, chives and that sweet chilli heat enhanced the shrimp skewer.

Doca, Montreal Restaurant - Wine CellarWith a gorgeous wine cellar, Mediterranean menu and elegant décor, Doca’s event truly inspired us to return and try everything on their menu. The canapés impressed us, as they so rarely do and the presentation was fabulous. We often attend events but our curiosity is so rarely piqued to return, which was not the case with Doca.

Doca, Montreal Restaurant - PurpleYou can be sure this industrial Griffintown restaurant will quickly become a go-to-spot with the business crowd, for a girls’ night, or for a date. Mood-setting music, delicious food in a beautiful location makes for an ideal night out!

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    Looks delicious! Nothing screams summer like seafood 🙂

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