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There is a pandemic in Montreal that some of our favourite dumpling restaurants aren’t open beyond 8 or 9 pm. We like a nice nap after work, maybe a cocktail (or two), so we like to eat a little later. But if a dumpling craving hits, then you have to accommodate the best. After dining at Chinoiseries & Dumplings, which is a restaurant, caterer and dépanneur, we feel like we’ve discovered Montreal’s best dumplings.

“1/2 Soupe Wonton” 5.60$

We love starting our meal with a soup, after all the first dumplings that we ever fell in love with were painstakingly wrapped and dropped into a bowl of wonton soup. We ordered the ½ or appetizer portion of the wonton soup at Chinoiseries & Dumplings. The wontons were made of pork and shrimp, baby bok choy that still had its crunch, but it’s the broth that was incredible, especially when you added some of their very spicy chilli paste in oil.

“1/2 Soupe Wonton” 5.60$

We were only encouraged to come back and try their Szechuan soup with braised beef, noodles, green onions and vegetables. Unfortunately we were warned that it was a full meal so we didn’t order it because we have to keep room for their dumplings! We absolutely adore soup dumplings so it was a wonderful treat to see that they had them on the menu. Their Xiao Long Bao soup dumplings were stuffed with pork and steamed. Served with fresh grated ginger, and the usual pink rice vinegar dumpling sauce, each bite had the perfect burst of pork bouillon.

“Xiao Long Bao: Hachis de porc et bouillon est cuit à la vapeur dans de petits paniers de Bambou” 6 pour 11.30$

Chinoiseries & Dumplings did not just serve steamed soup dumplings but boiled and fried dumplings too. We loved their fried dumplings that were stuffed with pork, shrimp and chives; they were served with a light peanut sauce on the side, that didn’t dominate the taste of the dumplings. In sharp contrast, we also had the vege dumplings, stuffed with shiitake mushrooms, and tofu, filled until they were ready to burst; they were magnificent. A side of creamy coleslaw oddly added to the taste of the dumplings. We loved how different the various dumplings tasted.

“Végé: shiitake, tofu, choux (6 pcs)” 8.60$
“Deluxe: porc, crevettes, ciboulette (6 pcs)” 9.80$

We were also intrigued by the pork poached with ginger dumplings, but at this point we were getting rather full, they’ll be something that we’ll return for! With plenty of teas to choose from, and even a virgin mojito that looked divine, we instead opted for their very refreshing dessert. Tapioca balls are served in a little cup with coconut milk, lime and fresh mango purée. It’s a cross between a sweet drink and a dessert, and we couldn’t have enough of it.

“Tapioca lait coco, mangue, lime” 3.50$

Chinoiseries & Dumplings, it’s worth eating an early dinner and giving up naptime for your dumplings! We love that you offer both soup dumplings, and the usual steamed and fried dumplings so that we truly get to enjoy different dumplings prepared in various ways. And the best part? They also sell their dumplings frozen with detailed cooking instructions so you can enjoy Chinoiseries & Dumplings’ delicious little pockets of happiness at home!

Our Rating: Always on Thursdays
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