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When you wake up at noon, your options of where to eat are somewhat limited. By the time you find the willpower to roll out of bed, breakfast is no longer being served, you’re lucky if you catch the brunch menu and lunch is winding down. We were also limited because some might say we were being complicated and we wanted to stay in downtown Montreal to do some shopping, and let’s face it, downtown Montreal is low on good brunch options.

Café Vasco de Gama, Montreal RestaurantAt the suggestion of P’tit Soeur, we found ourselves at Café Vasco de Gama. Of course we had been here before, we had even eaten at their little restaurant in the airport, but we had forgotten about this little Portuguese gem in the Golden Square Mile.

Café Vasco de Gama, Montreal Restaurant -TartsLocated on Peel, between de Maisonneuve and Ste. Catherine, Café Vasco de Gama is a long and narrow restaurant ideal for brunch, a quick bite at lunch or just a coffee and nata, a traditional Portuguese pastry.

We made our way to the counter where their sandwiches and salads were on display behind the glass, along with their pastries and baked goods. A chalkboard behind the counter had a complete list of sandwiches and burgers available and each comes with a choice of a soup or salad.

“Duck and Candied Fig Panini” 12.95$ (served with Cauliflower salad)

“Duck and Candied Fig Panini” 12.95$ (served with Cauliflower salad)

The duck confit sandwich had plenty of shredded duck meat though the candied figs were almost non-existent and that little touch of sweetness would have been welcomed. The duck, however, was rich and full of flavour. The sandwich was also pressed which was nice for that little extra crunch. The cauliflower salad was especially fresh and was made with bell peppers and various coloured cauliflower. It was a nice crunchy salad that we enjoyed.

“Bison Burger” 14.95$ (served with soup and Greek salad)

“Bison Burger” 14.95$ (served with soup and Greek salad)

There are several salads to choose from including barley, pasta and Greek. We paired the bison burger with the Greek salad which was very fresh. The bison burger was really very good; the meat was tender and very juicy. The mushrooms and fresh greens added a nice touch to the burger and you could really taste the bison meat. They did not skimp out on quality. They also have a lamb burger on their menu that after trying their bison burger, we are eager to sample!

Café Vasco de Gama, Montreal Restaurant - Chocolate SouffléWe enjoyed our late lunch at Vasco de Gama, building our energy back up so we could do some shopping. The space is bright and filled with Portuguese decor and treats, the staff is friendly and the food is fresh. We didn’t get a chance to try their chocolate soufflés but we’ll be back. If you’re looking for a quick bite in the downtown area, stop by and indulge in lunch and a coffee! And if you’re heading out of town, Vasco de Gama also has a restaurant in Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport.


Our Rating: As Expected

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    Yum yum that bison burger was top

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