The perfect platter for holiday party pot lucks!

The holidays are all about family, friends, and having fun!  But the one thing we don’t have a lot of is time.  That’s why when we have last minute guests over, one of the easiest things to put together is a cheese and charcuterie platter (with plenty of wine, of course). But we like to throw in a little healthy protein too – plus not everyone’s a meat eater, so Burnbrae Farms’ EGGS2Go are a perfect addition!

Photo Credit: David Major-Lapierre

EGGS2Go save so much time, and we could all use a little extra time during the holidays!  The eggs are already cooked and peeled for your convenience, they are high in protein, and have 13 essential vitamins and minerals.

Photo Credit: David Major-Lapierre

Check out the charcuterie board we put together with them, we used their salt and pepper flavoured eggs, and simply dressed them up a little further with some sun-dried tomatoes, oregano and olive oil. It’s a great way to liven up hard boiled eggs for a holiday party, and they are so much quicker to prepare than boiling your own eggs!  We also love including Italian cured meats like salty prosciutto and salami, and a variety of cheeses. This time we used a creamy brie, a smoked gouda, and caciocavallo, accompanied by like walnuts, dried figs, and slices of pear.

Photo Credit: David Major-Lapierre

We also did a little spin on the traditional Montreal bagel and lox, using bagel chips as our base, a slice of the dill flavoured EGGS2Go, arugula, and smoked salmon.  Your guests will love these little bites.

Photo Credit: David Major-Lapierre

So, if you’re planning to have people over this holiday season – and even if you’re not, be prepared with Burnbrae Farms’ EGGS2Go and the ingredients mentioned above.  Together they create a lovely cheese and charcuterie board with minimal fuss.

And if you’re anything like the Divas, you’ll have plenty of wine on hand too!

Happy Holidays!

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