Dining & Cocktail-ing at Boxermans & Le Mal Nécessaire

There something to be said about having dinner with a friend on a rainy Sunday. That’s just what we did when we tried out Outremont’s newcomer Boxermans, on Van Horne.

Boxermans is known for having a small menu but don’t let that deter you. It’s a restaurant that is definitely all about quality over quantity. We started with the charcuterie and cheese plate for two to accompany our red wine. They have a choice of four cheeses and four cured meats and you choose two of each to make your plate or you leave it up to the chef to pick which ones you’ll be tasting, which is what we did.

“Charcuterie and Cheese Platter” 25$

Our platter consisted of some salty Pecorino cheese and a tangy cheddar. This was paired with bresola and salami. The platter was rounded out with marinated olives and marinated mixed mushrooms, and a red and yellow beet salad. The absolute perfect platter to start our evening.

“Soup” 9$

We couldn’t pass up the mushroom soup and we’re glad we didn’t. Smooth and creamy, the soup was very earthy and was topped with some more of those mixed marinated mushrooms. The marinated mushrooms added a nice bit of acidity that we weren’t expecting, but loved.

“Potatoes with Herring Mayo” 5$

Admittedly, we would not have ordered the potato dish, but we were curious when the table next to us had it brought to them. So we ordered it! This is one simple dish you cannot miss out on. The wedges of potatoes are perfectly roasted and seasoned so well that you’ll want to lick your fingers. The potatoes are delicious on their own but perfection with herring mayo. Before you say anything, yes, you can taste the smoked fish, but it is not in any way overpowering, instead it compliments the potatoes wonderfully.

“Chicken Schnitzel” 12$

The schnitzel has a great crispy crunchy outside but the meat is still juicy inside. It is served with creamy mashed potatoes, a delicious cranberry sauce that still had whole berries that burst in your mouth and a spoonful of grainy mustard that matched just right with the crispy chicken. It was a Thanksgiving feast!

“Marinated Calamari and lentils” 11$

We were looking forward to the calamari dish and unfortunately, it’s the one plate that we could have done without. Our first surprise was that it was served cold, more in the style of a salad. We found the calamari rings a bit chewy for our liking and we weren’t crazy about the cold lentils. However, the dish had a nice spicy kick and the tomato based sauce was refreshing. Maybe a piece of crusty bread for the sauce would have been a good addition.

“Boxermans Sandwich” 7$

Our waitress recommended we try their famous sandwich; the people at Boxermans are good people with stellar recommendations! The sandwich, which would be great for any hangover, is not only delicious but special because they put potatoes in it. Yes, they put carbs between two slices of carbs! The sandwich is made with salty and crispy bacon, homemade mayo, a slice of tomato, a fried egg, and roasted potatoes. It doesn’t get better than that!

Did we like Boxermans? We certainly did! It’s a great place to grab drink and a couple of small plates or to have a full meal. Each unique plate left us wanting more, and we have to return for brunch.

The best dinners end with cocktails! And though we ate at Boxermans in Outremont, when we love a bar, we’ll drive across town for a specific cocktail. In this case we drove to the neon pineapple and skipped down the stairs into one of Montreal’s fun little secrets. Do you know where you are yet? This speakeasy style bar is anything but typical…

Le Mal Nécessaire, is a well-known tiki bar in the heart of Montreal’s Chinatown. We took our seats at the bar and had the bartender make us a couple cocktails after telling him some of our spirit preferences.

Champs Élysée Cocktail

The Singapore Sling satisfied our love of gin as well as our love for hibiscus. Served in a tall glass with a bamboo covering, you’ll certain picture yourself in warmer weather. Then we had the more elegant Champs Élysée cocktail. Made with Cognac, Chartreuse, lemon juice and bitters, it’s a surprisingly light and warming cocktail.

Singapore Sling

We had a great night at Le Mal Nécessaire, as always.  It’s one of our favourite bars in the city and we’re sure you’ll love their tiki vibes and delicious cocktails!

Our Rating: Splendid


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