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If you live in the Rosemont-Petite Patrie neighbourhood of Montreal, consider yourselves lucky!  The team behind one of Montreal’s most beloved brunch spots, Ma’tine, is back with Bistro Rosie.

“Toast champi, oeuf poché, cresson, cheddar”

Located on Belanger street, you’re likely to walk right by the new restaurant, as there is no sign advertising the restaurant.  Jérémy Daniel-Six and Sophie Duchastel de Montrouge have made headlines because this is one of Montreal’s first no-tip restaurants but we can confidently tell you that the reason Bistro Rosie will make headlines is because of the food.

Pastries and Jams

There are two options for brunch, either 2 services for 25$ or 3 services for 35$ and both include a plate of homemade pastries and jams to begin your meal.  The patisserie plate included a brownie that was still warm and gooey from the oven, squash bread that had a little kick of spice, and a nice golden colour from the turmeric.  There was also a thick piece of crispy brioche that was light and buttery, as well as a hazelnut financier with chocolate chips.  The jams are something else!  The apricot was bright and delicious, the citrus butter was lovely, and the lemon curd was so good that we simply ate it with a spoon!

“Choco blanc, fraise, crumble avoine”

We tried the white chocolate parfait as one of our courses and though we were expecting something very sweet, we were happy that it wasn’t! The white chocolate added enough richness but didn’t weigh down the simple dish.  There was a lovely subtle hint of citrus, which we loved, and the oatmeal crumble should be packaged and sold!

“Toast champi, oeuf poché, cresson, cheddar”

We love mushrooms so when we saw this up on the chalkboard, it was an easy decision.  The toast was cut thick was which was perfect because it had to hold the insane number of mushrooms.  And it was just plain ol’ white button mushrooms either, no sir, it was a mix of cremini and oyster mushrooms that were perfectly sautéed.  If this wasn’t enough, the dish was finished with thin shavings of cheddar which added a nice sharp flavour, and of course, a poached egg on top which added richness to the dish and soaked nicely into the crunchy bread.

“Brisket de boeuf, pdt ciboulette, oeuf, bernaise”

When you think of brunch, brisket isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but at Bistro Rosie, it’s a treat!  The tender beef brisket was cut relatively thin and lay like pieces of ribbon on top of the chunky mashed potatoes.  We loved the addition of the Bernaise sauce which is usually reserved for steaks but it complemented the sunny-side up egg. This was a filling brunch dish!

There’s a lot that we love about Bistro Rosie, from the open kitchen and being able to watch the chef work his magic, to the cozy 30-seat arrangement, and, of course, the food, which changes frequently.  Bistro Rosie is also open for dinner, and we look forward to returning and seeing what Chef Jérémy Daniel-Six has in store for us!

Our Rating: Splendid
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