Bier Markt for Oktoberfest – Prost!

It’s been a while since we returned to Bier Markt. In fact, the last time we ate at Bier Markt it was more a less a disaster, but these Divas are all about second chances! When we were invited to their Oktoberfest kickoff, which runs until October 22nd, we thought that this would be a good opportunity to see if things had changed. After all, several years had passed…

Bier Markt is celebrating Oktoberfest for the entire month of October. They have introduced new menu items for the occasion which pair well with their German beers. After all, Bier Markt is all about the beer! We arrived to a table with oysters, and a charcuterie board complete with gherkins and bread. It was a lovely way to start our night along with our mega Stein of Krombacher beer, especially on tap for the occasion.


Next up was the sage turkey sausage with some nice grill marks and char taste. It was served alongside a lingonberry jam which we loved, giving it a little tartness and acidity. They also served it with homemade pickles and a pretzel for that German feel. The pretzel was soft and chewy, and worth every buttery bite. The pretzel was served with a cheese dip made with beer. While the pretzel was good enough to eat on its own, the cheese dip was phenomenal!

Sage Turkey Sausage
Bavarian Pretzel and Cheese Dip

The steak tacos were fabulous! The steak was cooked perfectly, it was perfectly rare and tender, the steak was lovely. It was dressed with a crunchy slaw and a creamy sauce. Unfortunately, the taco shell was hard and chewy, so we ate all the steak and trimmings and left the shell behind.

Steak Tacos

Yes, Bier Marky has pasta, which surprised us!  They served pappardelle with duck, and the pasta was cooked perfectly al dente with a pretty good tomato sauce.  It didn’t blow us away but it was a decent plate of pasta considering Bier Markt isn’t really a restaurant that you would come in for pasta dish.

Pasta with Duck Ragu

The duck breast was next and it wowed us. The smoke flavour was intense and added a whole new dimension to the duck. It was served with a raw shaved vegetable salad of cauliflower, and Nantes carrots for colour. We absolutely loved this dish, it was our favourite item on their Oktoberfest menu.

Smoked Duck

The schnitzel sandwich was next and again, we were left happy. The meat was super crispy and the grilled veggies complimented everything so well, adding that grill flavour that we just love.  Our only complaint was that the bread didn’t hold together and the sandwich fell apart in our hands.

The Tower

The next dish looks intimidating and is definitely made for a big appetite.  Made with several layers of potato latkes, pork belly, a battered sausage and an onion ring for good measure, you’ll definitely need an appetite or a friend to finish this dish!

Sausage and Potatoes

One of the last dishes that we tasted was the sausage and potatoes.   A real stick-to-your-ribs type of dish.  Again, the sausage had great grill marks and was served with roasted Brussels sprouts.  Served on a bed of potatoes, we liked that they used mustard in the dressing for the potatoes which gave it some tang.

In the end, Bier Markt proved they could change. Their new menu items for Oktoberfest definitely had some winners, including our favourite, the smoked duck. The pretzels can be sold from street carts in Germany, and the schnitzel sandwich, along with one of their beers, will definitely make for a good night. Prost!

Our Rating: As Expected
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