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Who are the Montreal Food Divas’ friends?

We mention them in ours posts, on social media, but here is a legend listing our friends who come out the most often, and cause the most trouble with us:

  • A An illusive character who both loves and hates the Divas.
  • The Artist She is a house painter, makeup artist, set designer and an expert on all things artistic and Halloween orientated.
  • Bellatrix Like the Harry Potter character, a death eater who loves the suffering of others. She has a mate who is rarely allowed out of his cage.
  • The Boys / The Foodie Guys / St.Lau Guys  Groups of men that we like to dabble in, all from Ville St.Laurent (St.Lau), they can be found causing trouble and helping the Divas and their girlfriends make more bad decisions
  • G-Spot Ex-colleague of Diva #2 from their days in the shady TV industry #porn. Affectionately called Cheese Pot by Diva #1.
  • La Femme Fatale – The Divas’ role model, meaning that she is wiser than us, causes her own share of trouble but is better at not getting caught.
  • The FirmOur lawyer…just in case…can be found in court representing us for sexual harassment lawsuits.
  • Mr. Wonderful / Calvin – A very very very long story…
  • Ms. Garde Manger – Part of the furniture at Garde Manger restaurant … seriously…go there and you will find her.
  • Peaches – She is a sassy gal from Laval (how unfortunate!) who likes to get into her fair share of trouble in the 514
  • P’tit Frère – Diva #1’s little brother who is always hungry and sad looking…he will work for food.
  • P’tit Soeur A whiny bratty little squirt who is Sweet Pea’s little sis and Diva #1’s adopted sister.
  • Senior Diva, Aunty, Uncle & Cousins Diva #1’s eclectic group of relatives who she cannot seem to get rid of and dines with occasionally (much to her chagrin).
  • Sensei Without him there would be no blog, he is our bestie, IT support, man of our dreams, and a more successful blogger than we are:  http://www.montrealbreakfastreview.com/
  • Sweet Pea The sweetest gal that you’ll ever meet, who can see the silver lining in everything… even in a serial killer like Bellatrix and lunatics like the Divas.
  • Vegan Vixen A pescatarian / flexitarian who eats meat when inebriated and who loves occasional tabletop dancing.
  • Whitey A cracker white girl who is a pickier eater than Vegan Vixen and who isn’t used to crazy screaming ethnics who beat their children.
  • ZeusOpen shirt, thick chest hair, gold medallions, slicked back hair and a lover of everything Greek and vestal virgins.

If you’re sad because your nickname didn’t make it on the list just come out with us more often and help make good stories. That is what the Divas are all about: great food, plenty of alcohol and fabulous stories.

We love you guys,


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  1. Sweet Pea January 21, 2014 at 2:08 pm Reply

    Love you Divas!!! What an awesome group of degenerates/friends we are! xoxo

  2. Senior Diva March 27, 2014 at 10:39 am Reply

    Dear Divas,

    Please don’t include me in the group of degenerate relatives. I prefer to stand alone as a unique eccentric who is crazier than all the degenerative relatives put together.

    I love you Divas and all your quircky friends, even though I feel like killing you all sometimes.

    Love and kisses,
    Senior Diva

  3. jcb/pg December 22, 2016 at 12:30 pm Reply

    …thank you so much for a your post from the gang at L’Autre Bar on Laurier!!

    Luv ya Divas!

  4. jcb/pg December 22, 2016 at 12:31 pm Reply

    …thank you so much for a your awesome post from the gang at L’Autre Bar on Laurier!!

    Luv ya Divas!

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