Global Montreal’s Foodie Friday with Camille Ross: BBQ Hot Spots

As Sensei always asks, bewildered, “why do the people at Global keep asking you to come back?” We don’t know either Sensei but people tend to love The Divas! Much to his chagrin, people like us, but Sensei actually finds us rather irritating. In his defense, he has put up with a lot throughout the years and he is rather overly sensitive, especially after finding out that lately, he has been dropped down to our second favourite blogger. Sorry Sensei, The Divas love to be loved!

Global Morning news wanted us back on with Camille Ross for Foodie Friday, and we wanted to talk about our favourite Montreal BBQ joints! BBQ joints are the perfect summer hot spot for those warm summer days, you just want to get down and dirty with sauce on your fingers, and sometimes in your hair. True story! Sadly they didn’t let us throw in Dinette Triple Crown, since we had spoken of this place during our stint on our favourite sandwiches. But we will throw it in here to remind everyone that their Big Nasty sandwich is absolutely fabulous! It is made up of the city’s best deep fried chicken on a biscuit with gravy; it is one of their specialities. Just get Dinette’s picnic basket and eat at the park across the street, the charming experience just adds to that southern feel.

Our favourite BBQ joints included Icehouse with their tex-mex flair; you can order a bucket of deep fried chicken or make it Mexicali and order their fried chicken taco. Le Boucan has been one of our favourites for quite some time with their delicious BBQ sauce, especially when poured all over their chicken and ribs. Just try their pulled pork and tell us that you aren’t a fan! Moonshine BBQ is a new Montreal hot spot, their champion platter has EVERYTHING and is made for the BBQ-lover in all of us. Their brisket was the best part along with the corn bread that was actually very moist, and we can’t forget the tater tots that, as ethnic children, we never got to eat as youngsters. Blackstrap BBQ is a controversial spot for The Divas, as one of us loves it and the other one tolerates it, either way we added it in because it gets so much Montreal-love. Last but not least, Pas D’Cochon dans mon Salon is a food truck with the largest pulled pork sandwich that you can find in Montreal. We had to eat it with a fork!

So go out there and enjoy some summer BBQ, whether you prefer deep fried chicken, ribs, pulled pork or brisket, The Divas’ list of BBQ joints encompasses all of those things and will charm any southern gent or belle.


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  1. Dahlia July 31, 2014 at 4:42 pm Reply

    Great job Divas! Another fabulous segment.

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