Global Montreal’s Foodie Friday with Camille Ross: Food Trucks

When the Global Girls, the Divas, Sweet Pea, Vegan Vixen and our dear, patient Sensei decided to go out for a Diva-night… we feared that they would never let us onto Global Montreal’s Foodie Friday again. It isn’t that we go out of our way to misbehave, but a little bit of alcohol coupled with a few of what we believe to be “good” ideas and who knows where the night could take us? Sensei, always wise, gave us a list of rules for the group such as topics we shouldn’t discuss, opinions we shouldn’t share, and he told Diva #1 to drive so that too much liquor didn’t loosen her lips. We went to Le Local to meet Camille Ross, Jess Laventure and the Global Morning news producer Gloria Henriquez, and somehow we ended up being better behaved than our usual rambunctious selves. This was done by limiting the alcohol intake as well as the strange, albeit amusing stories about our antics. Sensei also wisely sat next to Diva #1, in case he had to muzzle her in an impromptu manner.

We were delighted that after our Divas / Global Girls dinner, we were invited back onto the Global Morning News’ Foodie Friday segment with the fabulous Camille Ross. This time we were there to talk about the Montreal Food Trucks scene, which was fine with us because we are sort of self-proclaimed experts in the field. Summer 2013 marked the return of the food trucks to the streets of Montreal, and we had created a guide about our favourite food trucks and their must-have-dishes, you can see our review HERE.

The Montreal Food Trucks aren’t too hard to find, they meet at the Olympic Stadium on the 1st Friday of every month and can be found gathered in the Quartier des Spectacle for the many Montreal festivals in the area. Last year we got to try a bunch of them during the Just for Laughs Festival. But on a regular day, if you are having a craving and need to find a truck just check out each food truck’s twitter feed or their website, where they announce their location daily. Another option for Montreal Food Truck stalking is to  use this very handy website:

Our Food Truck favourites included the foie gras poutine and duck leg confit in a maple BBQ sauce from the ever so famous Camion Au Pied de Cochon (PDC), as if Martin Picard ever loses in any foodie competition. Both the deep fried mac n’ cheese sticks and the slow cooked chicken thigh bacon sandwich from the fabulous Super Truck changed our lives. The beef tartare sliders from Route 27 were absolutely delicious, they were made in what they call “Italian-style,” and they were from our favourite tartare hot-spot, Marché 27. And anyone who knows Diva #1 knows that she loves a good pogo, especially after a night of drinking,and  naturally the homemade corn dog with a jalapeno and cheddar corn bread crust from Chaud Dogs was a must. Becasue we are Divas, we simply had to try the rabbit legs in a cilantro and chilli glaze from Lucky’s Truck, which were tender and hard to believe came from a truck.  Our last pick included the potatoes tossed with sautéed mushrooms and shallots in white wine, and topped with arugula and raclette cheese. If that isn’t enough it is then paired with a berry-mint-balsamic bowl of gazpacho all from Boîte à Fromages.  Everything was divine, it made us love Montreal all the more and we cannot wait to write another review of all the new trucks in 2014.

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  1. Dahlia June 10, 2014 at 11:59 am Reply

    Congratulations, ladies! Another great segment.

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