Global Montreal’s Foodie Friday with Camille Ross: Sandwiches

Somehow Global Montreal contacted us to return for another early Foodie Friday (ugh!) to speak about our favourite sandwiches in Montreal. Of course we are Divas, so you weren’t going to find your typical PB & J sandwich on white bread with the crust cut off. Go to your mother for that! Instead we went for the out of the ordinary variety from some of our favourite restaurants in Montreal. We had a great time except Diva #1 made the mistake of going out too late the night before, so she sounded like a husky smoker on air, her friends and family berated her, but the Divas aren’t about early bedtimes… even when we are on TV.

So Diva #1 met Diva #2 outside of Global, and she fabulously had a Starbucks coffee waiting for her. The Divas have come a long way and Diva #2 has learned all the tricks to genially handling the slightly unstable Diva #1. Especially in the morning, but planning is Diva #2’s thing so she wisely avoided a morning beating by ensuring that cantankerous Diva #1 was caffeinated. Diva #2 is one smart girl and Diva #1 has no idea how she could have done it all without her!

For our favourite sandwiches we chose the foie gras double down from Morin and McMillan’s famous Joe Beef restaurant, the Big Nasty from Dinette Triple Crown which is a deep fried southern chicken sandwich in between a buttermilk biscuit, the grilled steak burrito from Icehouse, and the scrumptious lobster roll from Le Local’s summer menu (hint hint Le Local, bring it back!). Our most typical sounding sandwich was the ham and creamy buttery mayo like saucy delight from Le Vin Papillon, but trust us, it was anything but ordinary, and for the second time on Global we mentioned the juicy bison tongue sandwich from Derek Dammann’s Maison Publique. It was another fabulous Global appearance, if we do humbly say so ourselves! The Divas left content and went off to continue our tradition of grabbing a McDonald’s breakfast before going to work. Diva #1’s boss should be happy; she never makes it to work on time except when she is on Global Montreal early in the morning! Stay tuned this week, the Divas and their gang of illustrious friends are going out with the Global girls… it will be anything but boring! It is a good thing that we aren’t taking them out on a Thursday, or they would never make it to work on Friday morning 😉

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  1. Dahlia March 26, 2014 at 8:01 pm Reply

    Great job, girls!

  2. Le Local II | Montreal Food Divas April 8, 2014 at 10:53 am Reply

    […] our last appearance on Global Montreal, co-host Camille Ross exclaimed that she and the girls would like to come out with us. A few weeks […]

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