24 Hours of Food with Michael Bonacini at Le Fantôme

MasterChef Canada judge Michael Bonacini was back in Montreal for the filming of 24 Hours of Food with Michael Bonacini on Bell Fibe TV1. He’s known for visiting hidden gems in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa, and as Montreal restaurant review bloggers, we absolutely love it when our city gets the culinary recognition that it deserves. And never mind Montreal, we love it when Canada gets culinary recognition, the world is too focused on chefs in New York City, Las Vegas and LA.

In Montreal, Chef Michael Bonacini enjoyed breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night eats at some of our city’s best places. We don’t want to give everything away so we wont tell you everywhere that he dined, but we were quite lucky to be invited to Le Fantôme to both interview Michael Bonacini, and watch the filming of his late night eats stop.  This restaurant has been on our list for months, we’ve never heard of anyone who hasn’t enjoyed their meal at Le Fantôme. And after having a taste, we know that we have to be back for a proper review!

But let’s talk a little bit about Chef Michael Bonacini, we had the absolute pleasure to interview him before the filming! Born in Great Britain, he isn’t just a TV personality but a chef by trade, also co-founding a fine dining restaurant company with many restaurants in Ontario. But there’s more! He is in the process of opening a restaurant in Hôtel Mount Stephens, to be opened in 2017. This historical landmark in Montreal has Montrealers eagerly awaiting the reopening and revamping of this fabulous location.

Unfortunately, and we truly say unfortunately, before the filming we had yet to dine at Le Fantôme but after trying a few bites on the set of 24 of Food with Michael Bonacini, we assure you that it will be the first restaurant that we go to in 2017. Le Fantôme is quintessentially Montreal, the co-owner Kabir Kapoor and chef Jason Morris are new to the restaurant game and they help remind us that you don’t need to be famous to create a perfect restaurant. That is something that is very Montreal-esque because Montreal focuses less on celebrity chefs, instead they make chefs into local celebrities. Can you tell that we adore our city’s food culture?

Coming out in Winter 2017, 24 of Food with Michael Bonacini will be available on demand on Bell Fibe TV, channel 1 and the Fibe TV app, in conjunction with Season 4 of MasterChef Canada, also returning Winter 2017 on CTV and CTV GO. Chef Michael Bonacini was an absolute pleasure to meet, and watching the filming of his show just got us more exciting for the upcoming season!





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