La Boîte aux Huîtres in Marché Jean Talon

The Divas have an inappropriate relationship with oysters. We simply can’t get enough of them! We love eating them as a palate cleanser between our appetizers and mains, or as an amuse bouche with cocktails or wine. When we see an oyster station at events we can be found not-so-discretely milling around it and eating these succulent bivalves. They are truly one of our absolute favourite things and an aphrodisiac… for added enjoyment!

Poisonnerie Aqua Mare

Poisonnerie Aqua Mare

Though we love Lucky Limes and Raspberry Point oysters, let’s face it, these are mainstream varieties for oyster lovers. Unfortunately, when you order oysters at a restaurant you are limited to the variety. But fret not oyster lovers! You can get incredible satisfaction at La Boîte aux Huîtres in the Jean Talon Market. These oyster aficionados will help you choose the best oysters suited for your refined palate. Perhaps you prefer meaty oysters, salty ones, briny, etc.

La Boîte aux Huîtres in Marché Jean Talon, Montreal - Oyster Bar

In the colder months, you can find La Boîte aux Huîtres inside the Poisonnerie Aqua Mare in the Jean Talon Market. In the warmer months, they have an outdoor kiosk that is partially covered from the elements. Here you can order from their various crates of oysters and either take them home or have a few shucked for you on the spot to eat at their bar. We like to start a nice boozy summer day with a stop at La Boîte aux Huîtres for a few oysters (or a few dozen but who’s counting) before roaming around Montreal and enjoying the nice weather.

Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll

If that isn’t enough, they often have other treats like a lobster roll station that had the meatiest lobster roll with green onions, celery and lettuce with mayo. Their lobster rolls are perfect for a Jean Talon Market shopper who is feeling a little peckish.

And on Tuesdays La Boîte aux Huîtres’ moto is “Shuck me, Suck Me, Eat me Raw” and they offer 1$ Pearl’s Cocktails oysters between 11am – 6pm. The catch is that you have to get a dozen, but who ever really orders less than a dozen? Only amateurs!



The oysters at La Boîte aux Huîtres range in price and size, for example, large Wianno Massachusetts oysters are sold for 2.50$ each or 25.99$ a dozen in May. Ruisseau jumbo oysters from Nova Scotia are available for 2.50$ each, 3.00$ each for a dégustation or 28$ a dozen, again in May. What we love most of all is that you can mix and match your oysters so you do not have to get a dozen of one variety.  They sell their homemade mignonette for 5$ and if you are eating oysters at their bar they offer you lemon, fresh horseradish, Tabasco and their mignonette.

La Boîte aux Huîtres in Marché Jean Talon, Montreal - Oysters

Standish Shore from Massachusetts may be our absolute favourites, but we tried some delicious Blackberry Point oysters at one visit and La Boîte aux Huîtres really helped develop our love for West Coast bivalves. On one visit, they served us some Kusshi oysters and they explained that though they seem dry when they are opened, if you wait about a minute beautiful salty liquid comes out of the oyster’s body.

The Divas have brought many friends to La Boîte aux Huîtres to expand their horizons and really learn about the different varieties of oysters. They are fun to talk to and they always help you find what you are looking for. So whether you are buying oysters to take home as an aphrodisiac, or you want to enjoy a few at their bar, check out La Boîte aux Huîtres in the Jean Talon Market.


Our Rating: Always on Thursdays
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